Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not, Wednesday!

My friend, Bethany, recently started a Wednesday meme titled: "Waste Not, Want Not, Wednesday." Bethany is a wonderful friend of the environment, and loves to take care of the earth in keeping with the commandment in Genesis for man to tend the earth and take care. My contribution for today is not as long term as her reused cereal box idea, but we did have some fun reusing this trash for play before it gets put to the curb!

We used the box that the charcoal grill came in, with some other "trash" boxes and containers, to create a spaceship! Not only did the kids have a ton of fun, it made for some great family time that did not include electronics!

Katie created a computer for the spaceship out of a shoebox.

Wings made of an egg carton, and adding on some important electronic components with the markers. Some visuals of outer space, and windows.

We laid the spaceship down and had them on the floor for a vertical "blast off."

Then they spent about an hour playing space ship, taking space walks around the house, and even leaving each other on other planets for fun.

We may not have taken the time to actually do this without the inspiration of waste not want not thank you Bethany!

And...just for is another shot of them "creating" this week as part of their art curriculum. Noah wanted to wear an artist's hat, so Katie found one too. (No one tell him yet that boys aren't supposed to wear animal print...k? ha ha)
They were creating a still-life of the bowl of fruit.


Andy's Bethy said...

Oh I LOVE it! I didn't even think about it being Wednesday until I saw your post. I have got to run to the library, so it will have to wait, but maybe I can get one posted before the day is over.
But, the use of "trash" for fun is fabulous. Not only is it "green", but what a wonderful way to stimulate their creativity. Now my boys are going to want to make a spaceship too!

Karen said...

This is so cute! Nothing like cardboard boxes and a little imagination....

Becky said...

How FUN! Way to go! I love the space ship. Can I take a ride?

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!