Monday, August 9, 2010

(Not) Back to School Blog Hop: School Room Week

It is "classroom week" on the Heart of the Matter (Not) Back to School Blog Hop. The picture above is of the area in our bedroom where I store all our supplies.
The rolling cart houses all our "using at the moment" and weekly assignments.

And it gets rolled into the living room for school time each day. It actually stays in the living room or kitchen area most of the time, unless I am making room for company to visit or something like that. For instructional time, I sit in the middle, with a child on each side, or they can work on their individual work elsewhere (I let them choose their room, or another chair or at the table or floor) while I sit with the other one.

The rug is a popular spot for doing school work.
Katie is putting her spelling words in alphabetical order and writing them down.

And the kitchen table is a great spot for science and other things that require the space. Noah is writing with a quill pen we made a few weeks ago.

In both of the photos above they are wearing their school uniforms...pajamas.
We don't get dressed unless we're going somewhere. That's our contribution to cutting down on our waste. ha.

Can't wait to see all the lovely classrooms on the tour. And, just to share... THIS is a link to a post with pictures of the classroom we used our past few years homeschooling. :)
It was great and was needed at the time. I am so thankful to have had it, but it is now serving other purposes and come winter time we are grateful to stay upstairs out of the cold, ha ha.


Yunia said...

The rolling cart is a good idea
have a blessed day


Sheri said...

That is a great way to move the goodies to you-the cart idea. Like how you have the kids working in their uniforms-as we too have a strict code [not going anywhere-jammies are best] Have a great year ahead.

Carrie Thompson said...

I like your rolling cart too! I wanna rolling cart between my shelf and my table. I keep taking things off and putting things on! I might have to put a cart UNDER my table!

LOVE the school uniforms! You could have robes embroided with your school name!

Andy's Bethy said...

I meant to do the curriculum post last week. I will see if I can get around to doing this one. I do love your cart - makes it so convenient. I will have to go look around at some of the others. Love you!

Sparklee said...

My kids love to stay in jammies, too, especially on cold winter days! I used to feel guilty about it, but I'm getting over it...

A rolling cart--why didn't I think of that? And that quill pen is so cool!