Sunday, August 22, 2010


Another shot I found after I finished the blog post.

These are the pictures we got of the filming of Transformers 3. A shot down an alley.

The lot where the rubble props were being stored. 24 hour security.

That piece in the front is a prop of the top of Jeweler's Tower.
Apparently it gets knocked off in the movie.
This is another scene we saw being filmed. It was so cool. There was a military guy repelling off the side of the building..things exploding...and a lot of gunfire. We were sitting in the front of the bus...the people in the back of the bus couldn't see.

The day Katie and I went out on our own, we saw another scene being filmed on the LaSalle Street Bridge. This is the view from can see the big light.

Basically all these scenes had a lot of destruction in them. One of our guides joked that the title should be Transformers 3: Chicago Blows Up.

There is some military guy in the movie in this shot. You can see it if you look on full screen.

Not real rubble. ha ha.

I didn't even see the second Transformers movie, but I am sure Corey and I will be going to see this one. Out of what we saw, it will probably only end up being 15 seconds of the actual movie. ha!

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Anonymous said...

COOL! Girl you've gotta see the movies! I'm such a "guy" when it comes to action-packed movies. *snort*

LOVE all of your pictures. I'll probably never go to Chicago but feel like I went w/you! :)