Saturday, August 28, 2010

12 Cookies of Christmas Baking Challenge

I just had the best brainstorm tonight! I was looking over my Christmas cookie magazine, where I get most of my ideas for Christmas cookies, and decided that I need to start collecting ingredients NOW for the unusual and complicated recipes I want to try out this year. That way it doesn't all of a sudden get to be December and I cop out and make the old standbys for lack of unique ingredients. This gave me the idea to host a cookie challenge/link up. Hopefully by the time December gets here and I can figure out how to actually do a linky, ha.

I want to try out some new, challenging, and unique cookies this year for my baked gifts. I like switch it up a little each year, plus you don't get burned out baking the same thing over and over. My idea is for each participant to try 12 different recipes of cookies this Christmas season. We will come up with 12 categories and then when you complete one of the categories of recipes, you post your photos/results/recipes to the linky each week.

The Challenge Details:
Bake 12 different recipes of cookies this December between December 1st and December 31st. We will make it a little easier by giving you the actual holidays to bake as well. :)
When you bake a new recipe, post it on our central linky page, with your name and the title of your recipe. A new linky page will go up each week with some weekly themes. If your cookies for the week match the themes picked for that week, you will get extra entries into the giveaway.
The prize giveaway is to be determined at a later time. But will be announced prior to the challenge kick-off.
At least half (6) of your recipes should be cookies you have NEVER baked before!

I have a few ideas already for categories, but coming up with 12 might be harder than I think. Here are my ideas so far:

1. Classic (1 freebie that doesn't fit the other categories)
2. Chocolate based cookies
3. Spicy cookies
4. Bar Cookies
5. Red and Green Cookies
6. Minty Cookies
7. Chippy Cookies (using some kind of baking chips)
8. Cut-Out Cookies
9. Difficult to make cookies (involves several steps, mixes, processes, or difficult decorations)

Help me pick the other categories by leaving suggestions please!

I want to do a prize drawing for everyone who completes the challenge as well. More details to come! It's time to start thinking about Christmas everyone! Only 118 days to go!

Leave a comment if you want to participate and start looking over your recipes. Start collecting those oddball ingredients now!

I also am in the process of creating a blog button for the challenge...but it is still early yet. I thought I was successful with it but it didn't take you to the correct place, ha ha. That will come soon I promise! :)


Karen said...

What a creative and fun idea!

Andy's Bethy said...

I think something fudgy might work as a category. Kid friendly as another perhaps - that is very open to interpretation, but might be fun. Fruit based is a definite. Of course, I would be so tempted to use my old favorites for those...
You are going to make me go outside my comfort box. Whew, I'll have to see if I can handle this. JK. I am looking forward to the fun. Not quite ready for Dec. yet, but it will be fun when it gets here!

Lindsey said...

I will totally do it! Fun idea!

Maybe a "no bake" category?

Or an "heirloom" category, meaning a recipe that has been in your family?

Kristi Lea said...

That was going to be my suggestion, was a "no bake" category. I also like the idea of having a category for one that 75% or more of it was made by kids!

This will be a challenge for me, because I don't cook from scratch very often. I do love to cook though, and I've gotten out all my recipe books (that I've never really used that much) lately anyway. I've been wanting to do more creative cooking! So, this will certainly help! It won't be a challenge to come up with 6 cookie recipes that I've never made before! lol!