Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ballet and Tumbling!

Yesterday and today marked the beginning of the winter term for our extracurricular classes! Noah started tumbling yesterday and Katie started ballet today! I didn't take any pictures of Noah's class yesterday...because I did take some in the fall when he first began tumbling. There are only three students in his particular class again...two other little girls. He was acting very silly during class yesterday, so I hope he isn't trying to be funny for the girls! It went well...he is such a natural at the "tumbling" arts! lol. I think his favorite part is where the teacher sets up a big "crash mat" (very big thick blue tumbling mat) and the kids line up at the other end of the room, then they run to the mat and do a forward roll. They put their hands up on the mat as soon as they get to it and "roll" up onto and over it. It is kind of difficult to describe tumbling moves in words! Anyway, he loves that part!

Katie went to ballet today for the first time. It was love at first class! She was so adorable in there tapping her feet during the tap portion of class, then tiptoeing down the room during the ballet portion. During the class the girls and the teacher face a mirror so they can all see the way to move and not get confused about which leg or hand to move (if the teacher faced them they would have to learn to do everything "opposite")...anyway, as you can imagine..Katie LOVED looking in the mirror and watching herself and the others in their leotards. At the end of class the teacher played this music box sounding music and they all pretended to be fairies and danced around however they wanted. I wish I had taken my camera (I will next time)...the look on Katie's face to be able to just twirl, swirl, tiptoe, hands in the air and pretend to be a fairie! It was so cute. It was definitely her favorite part as she told me in the car. When we were leaving she said, "I hope we can come again next Tuesday!" Of course!

I took these pictures before we left for class. Noah wanted me to take his picture playing the guitar since I was taking pictures....

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