Monday, January 21, 2008

I have to tell this story before I forget....

Tonight we were playing a game together.....a "match the opposite" puzzle game. Well, Noah's gum kept falling out of his mouth while he was leaned over looking at the pieces. He would also grab it and put it back in his mouth really quickly before I could stop him. How many times in a row can you use the 15 second rule? Is it cumulative?
After about the third time, I said, "Go throw that away, it keeps falling out of your mouth......and HOW did you get such a big piece anyway?" I usually split a piece between them, but today they had a whole piece of the really tiny sugar free kind.
"My sister gave me her gum," he replied.
*sigh* " shouldn't share your gum, you are spreading germs and you have just been sick!" To which Noah offered his three-year-old logic."
"OH! I can take it apart!" and he took the big piece of gum in his hand and started to pull it apart, thus taking Katie's "germy" piece back out!!!!
What a change from a few days ago when I told Katie to stop putting her hands in Noah's face because she was sick. Well, Noah proceeded to go on a germ freak out session which involved washing everything that Katie touched, him, his fork, his plate, etc. He was SO worried about getting her germs!!!
" doesn't work like that Noah, just go throw it away!"
"Katie, why did you give Noah your gum?"
"We were playing tooth fairy give, and I thought of it and when I said it, he said, okay."



Amy said...

Wow! I must be a real friend because I am leaving comments all of the time! :O) That is an awesome story and sounds like something that happened here, today! Glad we have little ones to blog about! I don't know what I would say without them! :O)
Talk to you soon!

andysbethy said...

I love that story! Noah always cracks me up with his 3 year old logic. Really, when you think about it, it makes sense, in a 3 year old sort of way. Why can't he just pull her germs back out of his gum and give it back? So cute!