Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bragging Rights

I feel like posting tonight about my wonderful husband: Corey.

I have a really great husband....even if we did pick each other young! One of the things I admire about him the most is that he strives and succeeds at being a good person by making the best possible choices he can make for his family. I can honestly say that Corey always chooses to be with his family above anything else. He does occassionally have a "guy's" night with the church bowling (but it is CHURCH bowling for pete's sake!...not guy's night at the pub or something). If he wants to see a movie, which he does occassionally, he always chooses to go late after he has been home to see the family and tuck the kids into bed. We feel important to him.
I can say with confidence that I can always count on him to be there when I need him. When I was pregnant with Katie I was very sick. I couldn't eat and was of course hormonal and crying a lot! I called him at Mohawk where he worked at the time...I was crying, sick, just miserable! He actually left work and came home to take care of me! He got me upstairs with crackers, drinks, tucked me into bed and told me he loved me. Now, he couldn't stop the puking, but emotionally he really took care of me! That meant so much to me! What kind of guy would leave work to go tuck their sick wife into bed? MINE would and did!

Recently we began growing spiritually together...and I am enjoying this time so much! He is really taking the position of spiritual head of our household and I can already see the difference it is making in our family and in our children. He is going to be a great example for his son and daughter, and will be someone they can look to as an example of how a Christian man runs his house. I am so proud of him and how happy our house is because of this! Katie and Noah will have someone to be "Christ" in their home as it is supposed to be with a father...I thank God everyday for this blessing in our home.

Another great thing about Corey....he is just a fun person. We can be silly, play games together, play with our kids, be crazy...just anything...anytime. He is polite and has good manners (in public anyway lol)...and someone I am never nervous about introducing to anyone I know. It was a priviledge to introduce him to my family when we first started dating, and it has been a priviledge to see him grow into being a part of my family.

I also want to say what I great dad he is. He takes his responsibility for the raising of his children very seriously. He is always trying to be a better example, a better caretaker, and is open to my ideas and suggestions for them. To know that he respects my opinions as a mom and makes me feel so valuable! He loves that I stay at home, and he really appreciates what I do at home...I know because he tells me. He always allows me my "me" time, and he recognizes my need for that. I appreciate it so much!

I could go on more about how much I love my husband and the father of our children...but I don't want to gush anymore or it would seem fake.

I just felt like these things needed to be said. I am proud of Corey. I know he will always take care of us and that he will not sacrifice his time with us and the good of our family for anything in this world. He is a wonderful husband and dad...that's all I can say...I love my husband!


Josh said...
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Amy said...

That's awesome! Sounds like you have a great husband!


Amy said...

PS: I am the one who deleted the post! I accidentally signed in under my husbands name! Sorry!

Corey said...

I am the man!!! Sorry, just had to say that... I am only worth a crap because I have a wonderful wife and two amazing children that make me want to be a better person everyday. You are so much better at everything than I am that I always have something to strive for.

andysbethy said...

You two are both amazing. Funny story though... I was sitting down to try to read your blog, since you had told me about it, and Andy and I happened to get into a huge fight about using the computer. (He is pretty jealous of time I spend on it) Normally I would totally gush about Andy too, since he is an amazing husband and father, but if I had tried to write after the first time I tried to read this I might have had uglier things to say! Obviously, he got over it, because I am on the computer now, writing this. Just a few minutes into our "fight" he looked at me, and I looked at him, and we both burst out in laughter. I told him we stink at fighting.
So, anyway.... yes, your husband is amazing. Mine grew up with him, and he is amazing too. I guess they did something right in Cobb County.