Monday, January 14, 2008

Time: 5:30pm

Place: Our driveway
Action: Me digging through a bag to find a prescription bag from Rite-Aid.
Result: Found my ATM card!
Feeling: RELIEF!

Flashback to 3 hours earlier:
I was headed to the ATM to get some cash for my gym payment (HA HA!). I pull up to the window and take out my wallet and NO CARD! I look through my entire wallet and my purse and cannot find my card. I am going to be late for Noah's tumbling class if I don't leave right then, so here I go.
I get home from tumbling and then procede to look all around my seats in the car, the console, anywhere it could have dropped.
I DISTINCTLY remember complaining to Corey Friday night after the last time I used it. How I get so annoyed by Wal-Mart, for many reasons but among them this: They bag all your stuff in that carousel thingee and then they are already ringing up the next person while you try to get all your stuff from around the thing and juggle getting your card back in your wallet and make sure you don't forget any is just a pain. So I remember putting it BACK IN MY WALLET and that's the last place I used it besides the pharmacy. You don't have to be a detective here to see that the wires just didn't connect about that phrase I just stated.
We ate an early lunch today so Noah could get a nap in before his class, so on top of being stressed about my card not being where it was supposed to be, I am also starving and have a headache from the crazy weather as well as the long time since food.
When we got in the house I immediately check the top of the tv where we sometimes put things we need to keep up with, I checked the coat I wore Friday night to Walmart (the last place I used it besides the pharmacy), the pants I wore, the pants I wore Saturday, the crevice down in the dryer lint trap thing, the washing machine, folded all the clothes to see if it was in there, looked through the coat pockets again.
THEN I finally decided I had to call Corey. I asked "When you got your card out of my wallet the other day did you happen to get my check card out too?"
"No" was his reply.
Okay, we hung up.
I thought, "hmmmm....he sounded very unalarmed" And I immediately got suspicious. He would likely find my card somewhere like the floor of the bedroom after it fell out of my pants and then put it away to see how long it would take me to discover it missing.
So I called him back.
No, he hasn't seen the card, he was just being nice about it.
So...I look ALL the previous places I looked before then resort to asking the kids. This method HAS worked before, that they know where some random thing that I have misplaced happens to be (or where they swiped and put it to be funny I guess).
"Have you seen mommy's blue card I use to buy things?"
Noah says "YES I sawed it!"
WHERE!??!?!?!? I say.
In my closet!
?!?!?! What? where?
We go to his closet. He points to his drum. He said it was right there on his drum and then it got hided over here...he points to his big stuffed animal container.
Well, stranger things have happened around here, so I question him further. Where did you see the card? "On that drum" Where was it before you put it there? "It was hiding" Okay, I guess it could have been hiding if it was lost somewhere in the house.
We pull everything out of the closet, all the stuffed animals: NO CARD!
Who knows what in the world he thought I was talking about...I can just say it was another thing to raise the frustration level for me!
And I left out several lines worth of questioning between us. It went on for quite a while.
So, now I am in tears, still hungry, headache in full swing, in the meantime Noah decides he wants to color so he pulled out all the markers, they are all over the floor, lids off, paper torn in floor of the living room....this was just NOT a pretty picture.
Then, I began to look through our mail container on the kitchen counter. For some reason this action triggered a thought: THE PHARMACY! I remember the lady putting my card down in the prescription bag. When I got the bag I looked to verify the medicine because I didn't want to get home with the wrong thing, but I didn't get the card out.
I looked everywhere in the kitchen even though I knew I had already thrown the bag away.
I even weighed the choices: dig through the trash or report the card and wait for a new one.
So....that's where you find me digging through the garbage can to find the prescription bag. The card was there! YAY!
I don't know what triggered that "remembrance" in my mind. I guess God was just looking out for me, watching and knowing that I had just about as much as I could take, especially after last week.
I can't complain though. I was talking to my friend about what a week we had last week, and even though it seems like everything has been piling up the past week or so, I can't complain. It usually isn't us. Usually I am on the listening end thinking "wow, poor you, you just can't get a break!" And besides....I won't say it...but you know the end of this statement: It could be......

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andysbethy said...

It never rains, but it pours. I think it is time for a vacation. I am so glad you are coming to see me - we can do whatever you want, or absolutely nothing. The kids can play, and we can talk, and watch a movie, or read our books, whatever. Eventually, we will have to feed them, and clean up, and launder their clothing, and give them baths, etc.... but we can do as close to nothing as possible in the life of a mom.
I'm glad you found the ATM card.