Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Personal Training

I got a really great workout video last week. It is Women's Health 10 Minute Workout. Sounded great I thought...a COMPLETE workout in 10 minutes! Too good to be true! ha ha!
Well....turns out it is FIVE 10 minute sessions so you can choose how long your workout will be...

So, that's okay I guess....the first 10 minutes is cardio. So last week I did the cardio and barely survived. I mean, this video is very fast paced, and as the instructor points out, you only have 10 minutes so you have to fit a lot in! The other sessions inlude upper body strength, lower body strength, flexibility and stability, and a BONUS core strength exercise with a stability ball (so I can FINALLY use that stability ball I bought, when was that Bethany?!) I was brave and decided to give each section the old college try!
I guess I averaged about 7 minutes per section! ha ha! I really felt close to puking several times and to be honest I felt like I might have been getting pneumonia for about 3 hours after I was done. Yeah...I am SO out of shape.

Katie and Noah were ADORABLE trying to keep up with the exercises with me. They even went to their room to get toys to use as "weights" during the strength building sections.

And...I discovered I have my own, FREE, motivating personal trainer!

Toward the end during the stability ball exercises Katie went to the kitchen and brought back a baggie of cookies.

"Here, mommy, these are for you if you don't skip any parts." she announced as she plopped the cookies down in front of me.

Was I really stopping THAT much?!?!?


Good video though. I have done several (Denise Austin, Billy Banks, etc) and I have to say this one is good. No matter what you are doing you know it is going to be over in less than 10 minutes!


heathcliff said...

Entertaining post.

On the exercise topic:

I completed a 5K last on April 5th. I've been running 3-4 days a week for the past three months. However, the course I run has only one hill. The 5K course was nothing but hills and nearly killed me. I stopped at the mid-point to rest and drink water - it is very difficult to run, drink and breathe simultaneously.

andysbethy said...

I believe you bought the exercise ball in late winter or early spring 2006. That would be two years ago.... Is that really possible? Was Andy in Korea or Iraq? That will answer the question. My timeline of life is all determined by where Andy was at the time!
I think the video sounds great. I need to blog about my latest adventure in exercise video. Remind me to do that if I don't get around to it in the next few days!
I love Katie's "help". Canaan and Zion are always trying to participate... which isn't always a good thing.

mom0ktdid said...

Actually.....I believe it was last year. I was working when Andy was in Korea, and it was when Katie was at Unity. That was just last year....though it seems longer.