Friday, April 18, 2008

Wedding Pictures

Here are some pictures of Corey's brother's wedding last weekend. Not many of the personal camera pictures turned out, so these are a little blurry.
Katie and Noah looked ADORABLE in their flower girl and ring bearer outfits. Noah carried a Bible down the aisle, actually. Katie was so good while she stood up next to the maid of honor. Ben (Corey's brother) cried during the entire ceremony, which upset Katie a little. While they were lighting the unity candle, she said, "But that's MY uncle!" But when she learned that Kilie would now be her aunt she was happy. She LOVED seeing the wedding dress, and talked about it for days afterward. I am pretty sure it was the most fun day of her life so far...getting her hair curled, wearing the pretty white dress and flowers in her hair, dropping rose petals. It was a storybook day for her. Noah didn't care for his suit quite as much, but he looked really cool ,especially in the pictures we got of him wearing his sunglasses with his suit! I don't have any of those to post, but maybe I will soon. I am sad that the pictures of us as a family didn't turn out...hopefully SOMEONE will have some!


andysbethy said...

Katie looks absolutely adorable! And.... Noah in those sunglasses is absolutely studly. I love your kids! They are the only "neice and nephew" I have, and I definitely enjoy them!

zerry ht said...

Weddings are beautiful! I am an event planner and I have fallen in love with my job. I get to see so many beautiful weddings and lovely bond between couples. I am planning a Scottish wedding this month and I have started decorating the event venue Atlanta. I will be seeing this wedding for the first time.