Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reading and Peeling....

The other night I made a VERY good baked chicken recipe. It was basted with a butter, thyme, garlic, and parsley mixture and baked over sliced potatoes and onions. It was good...though a little on the greasy side. We also had corn casserole, peas, and Noah requested biscuits. So....I knew better than to expect Noah to actually eat the baked chicken so I made him some chicken nuggets to eat instead.

WELL......low and behold he declares that he doesn't like those kind of chicken nuggets.

WHATEVER! He has eaten them as a meal alternative forever it seems. They are just basic Tyson chicken nuggets from the freezer. Nothing "fancy" about them (like the honey battered ones I bought once...major rejection!).

After telling him that he couldn't have another bite of his biscuit until he ate a few bites of chicken, he decides that it is actually the outside he doesn't like, he will eat the inside. So, he proceeds to "peel" the outside from the nugget, quite unsuccessfully. He may have gotten a miniscule pinch of meat, but he did leave lots of crust on his plate. I figure I could do a better job and actually give him a sizeable chunk of meat, so I peeled the outside off the nugget. It was pretty easy, and I showed Corey what a good job I had done with there being a VERY good size portion of the plain white meat left. I pick up another nugget then STOP.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!.................................................

I am sitting here, PEELING A CHICKEN NUGGET!?!!!?!??

What is WRONG with me?! It isn't enough that I prepared a different kind of meat knowing that he wouldn't touch the "green basted" chicken, but now have reduced myself to peeling nuggets?

Never again, I assure you. He did eat the chicken, though.

On a completely different subject:

I have read 10 books since Easter Sunday. No wonder I have spent the entire day cleaning our house!!!!!!!!

They have been really good books! :) Thanks Bethany...I will be ready to switch when you come back in a couple of weeks!


Sullins' Spot said...

So tell us the names of the books! Sounds good!

mom0ktdid said...

I will try to get that list...they are all Christian fiction romance books....
Corey said I could read so many because they are all the same book with different names...SO not true!

andysbethy said...

I just have to say that Corey's comment about books sounds like something Andy would say. Sometimes I think our guys may share the same brain.
I think I have read 10 books since Easter too!! Maybe we share the same brain too?! You are welcome to call Mom up and ask to trade books now. You don't have to wait until I come. Or, you could try the library. They have to have something. Try Francine Rivers. You really have to read the Mark of the Lion series. Or did I give you those already? They are some of my favorites ever.