Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Funnies

This isn't really a joke, but it just cracked me up the other night when PJ told me this story about our two daughters. Kaitlyn is about to turn 6 and Katie is about to turn 7. Katie has recently developed a "crush" on the little boy who plays the lead in the church musical they have been working on all summer. So here is the latest development:

Katie (to Kaitlyn):
Garrison was CHASING me and he ALMOST caught me!!!!
And I almost said for him to kiss me on the forehead!

Oh my GOODNESS! Are you KIDDING me?!
Or is there something wrong with my eardrums?!!?!

HA HA HA!!!! PJ was the witness to the conversation so I may have misquoted a bit, but this was the gist of it. What in the world are we going to do with them?! lol.

The sad truth is that Katie, upon seeing Garrison's little brother play soccer yesterday, has moved on! ha ha!

I blame the Disney princess movies!!!!!!!


PJ said...

You got it right. I have laughed about it ever since. We are going to have to lock those two up when they hit dating age, haha!

Karen said...

That is too funny!

Andy's Bethy said...

I read this the other day, then my kids came and needed me and I didn't get to comment... I don't know what I am going to do when I have a girl. I have gotten really use to boys. You are really making me stress about about having a daughter! I totally don't know how to handle girls, and I AM one!

Katie Thompson said...