Monday, August 31, 2009

Racing To Win!

This was the big weekend!
Katie and Noah have worked with this cast/crew since JUNE on the musical:
Race to Win!
They performed in front of an audience of probably near 250 or more.
They all did a fantastic job!

Here is Noah in the line waiting to start the show...

Katie waiting....

Katie's big part...performing in the trio.
(I hope to get better pictures later from others, I was standing in the back)

Here is Noah with his big part...reciting a Bible verse for one part

Posing with the car after the show.
It (obviously) was a racing theme. Car racing.

They are having a cast party on Wednesday. I was so proud of all the kids, they have given it their all this summer and their hard worked paid off! The show had a great message and I know that hearing it from the mouths of children really touches some people's hearts in a way that other means can't.
We took Katie and Noah out for pizza, frozen yogurt, and to pick out toys for doing such a great job all summer. Katie picked out a prince doll from the Disney store, and Noah picked out a video game. We are so proud of them!


Karen said...

All the kids did a great job...and the adults that were involved...I am so glad I got to see the program...I am very proud of them, too!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I agree! MeMe and Grandpa are proud of them also! Great performance everyone!

Andy's Bethy said...

I meant to call and ask how it went. I was thinking about them and their big performance.
You feeling better now that the stress is over?
Send me a link to pics when you get them uploaded.