Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch '09

Yes, it is too early for a post about a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, but I have news to share!

I got a job!

I am going to be working a seasonal job at the local pumpkin patch here in Adairsville! Thanks to my friend, Laura, who called me Friday and told me about it! She got the scoop and job then called to tell me about it.

What about school for the kids?! Thanks for asking!

We started school in July, so right off we have more time for play with days off. Also, Corey will be with them and they will either be at Nana's house for a few hours or at another friend's house and they will be able to get most of their work done at those two places anyway, so we probably won't miss much at all. If I worked 2 days a week for 4 weeks, that is only 8 days...easily made up even if they don't get anything done on those days which they mostly likely will.

The pumpkin patch is only open on weekdays until 1pm. Corey doesn't go to work until 10am, so they won't even have to be "gone" from home that long anyway! I think it will be just ideal! A couple of mornings a week and Saturdays in October!

My mom said that this should get my "whim" of working out of my system! ha ha. I think it will be just perfect. Some extra money right in time for Katie's birthday and leading up to our trip payoff date. AND it won't interfere greatly with school. Plus, if I ended up hating it...I know it would be over at the end of October! :)


Anonymous said...

FUN! :)

Andy's Bethy said...

I think you are going to have a blast. I will have to see about getting up there to see you. Of maybe just go to the Pumpkin patch with you on one of your days off. My boys love it there.
I'm eager to hear how it goes!

Marcy said...

That sounds like a great job! I hope everything works out smoothly!