Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artistic Pursuits!

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love our art curriculum? I have had such grand intentions each school year to teach art and I guess this is really the first year that both of them are old enough to REALLY do it anyway. I am so happy I found out about this curriculum. It is so easy!

Tonight's lesson was one of the more labor intensive ones as the kids had to gather nature earlier in the day for the project. Usually, you don't have to do any "ahead" work. The main thing I love about it is that it doesn't try to cover EVERY art medium in one year. Grades K-3 have three books and each one focuses on different things. The one we have for this year will mainly use "drawing" "painting" and very few clay sculpture techniques and materials (sketching, pastels, watercolor pencils, air dry clay), so our supply list didn't cost a ton of money (a main complaint/deterrent I had from going all out with art in the past couple of years). The front of the book also has a list of the weeks that you use different supplies so I was able to get most everything we needed but put off a couple of the more high priced materials for when we need them later.

This year's book is divided into three parts: "What Artists Do" "What Artists See" and "Where We Find Art" We will learn about shape, form, line, color, mixed colors, art in caves, art on roadsides, art on pots, art in books, and MANY more topics! The only thing we will do that isn't drawing is some sculpture with air dry clay. Next year's book focuses more on sculpture and "other" mediums.

Anyway, our lesson tonight was about "Artists Look." We learned about how artists look at the details and draw things around them like from nature. Each lesson also shows a famous piece of art and asks questions to get the kids really looking at the art...the beginnings of critique at their age. It then gives us something to do to use that method in creating something of our own!

I am also enjoying the fact that we have chosen to do our art lessons after Corey is home and we all participate together (since art is something Corey and I both have fun doing as well!). Here they are working on their nature drawings from the specimens that were collected earlier in the afternoon.

Katie's finished artwork. She also included herself in the top corner.

Noah's finished art.

They really enjoy their art classes. I really enjoy the family time and the time of de-stressing!


Anonymous said...

Looks like soooo much fun! But, where is the pics of your and Corey's art?

heathcliff said...

I'm not surprised that Katie drew a picture of herself, too.

Carrie said...

Mama: No one wants to see our art!

Chris: BUT, if we HAD shown our art you would have seen where Katie got "inspired" to put herself in the art. Corey...of course having to be funny....didn't take up enough room on the page with his "nature" drawings and decided to draw the rest of what he "saw" which was his paper, the table, and his own hand holding the Katie was inspired to draw herself drawing the pictures.
I don't know what you mean about not being surprised by the way!

Andy's Bethy said...

You really ought to look into joining the High. I really wasn't that expensive, and has some wonderful programs for children. Hands on art activities, traveling displays, changing stuff. And if you join, you don't feel like you have to "see it all" in one trip. So you take your time, and enjoy just one little part at a time.
Think about it.
Also, we still need to go to the zoo. Remind me.

Karen said...

I know they had a great time...I am looking forward to seeing all their artwork later in the year....