Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mandatory Day of Rest (Updated...scroll to bottom!)

I injured my foot last night. On the above pictured object..... yes, that's what I get for leaving it in the floor next to the bed! I was SOOOOO close to being tucked up snug in the bed for the night!

The charger was on the floor, yes, with the prongs OUT and UP when my foot sought them out for a nice heavy stick! I immediately tensed up my foot and held it tightly on top of my other foot and to be honest, it wasn't hurting that badly. So,
I lifted for a little peek and saw that a nice little chunk of my skin from the ball of my foot was "out" and "over" where it should not be!


I know what you are thinking right now... you're thinking, "Wow! I wish I could have been there!!!!"

I thought you here's a picture Corey took while I was in the throes of pain...

It bled and stung at that point. I put medicine on it and a band-aid, but because of where it is located, it is really difficult to walk. It really stings and hurts if I put weight on it, but when I hobble around I quickly get a cramp in my leg and ankle because of the way I have my foot and leg tensed up. Right now I am propping it on a towel and peroxiding it...which is stinging...'s a lose/lose until I figure out what to do here. It is in the exact middle of the ball of my foot, behind the toes on that "padded" area. Not one side or the other where I could walk on one side... very inconvenient! But, then, I would have to worry about it getting rubbed/blistered if I could walk on it!

At this point I am just going to stay off it as much as possible. I had scheduled a week break of school this month since we have finished six weeks of school this month, but we have ended up taking it a day here and there. Today we are taking day 5 of that week's break, so I am very thankful for that! I sure can't run up a
nd down the stairs to the schoolroom!

Katie asked me last night if I would have to get a wheel chair! ha ha! I said, "No," but then she said, "If you have to get a wheelchair, I will push you!" What a sweetie!

UPDATE: (8:34 pm)

I had to go out to soccer practice tonight, so I was trying to figure out something to do with my foot when I remembered! I had bought this sticky backed moleskin padding stuff when went on our Disney trip in February! It worked great! I just cut a piece big enough to pad the area around the injury, then cut a hole in the middle so that it wouldn't be pushing on the actual spot. Some medicine, a bandaid, the sticky moleskin padding (which also keeps moisture away since it is designed for blister care), my arch support socks and tennis shoes combined made it possible for me to walk without too much trouble or pain! Yay! Great product, you should get some just in case! :)


Marcy said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't know that you could actually puncture yourself with the prongs of a plug. I am really sorry that happened to you. It made me feel a little sick to think about it. I probably would have passed out, really. Well, here's to fast-healing.

Karen said...

So sorry you were injured, but I just love my granddaughter's sweet heart!

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, I love you Carrie.
Sorry you hurt yourself, but I am actually laughing so hard, and this is at least the third time I have heard the story. (I read it yesterday, I heard it from you on the phone, and now I have read it again).
I know, pain is, well, a pain, but just the way it happened is so unlikely that it cracks me up!!
Get well soon.