Thursday, March 19, 2009


I bought: 4 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix, 4 bags of Almond Accents salad toppers, 2 bags of Fresh Express salad, 2 bags of frozen chicken nuggets, 2 boxes of Post Selects cereal, 2 containers of grape tomatoes, and 2 packs of Dole diced apples in light syrup. Not pictured: 2 recyclable grocery bags

I finally SAVED more than I spent today at the grocery store! YAY! I got some amazing deals at Publix! And, who says you can't eat healthy foods if you only use coupons to shop! I know, I do have some *unhealthy* things in my photo here, but, hey, I will be using cake mix, so I might as well get a good deal on it! The only things not pictured here are the two recyclable shopping bags I got for buying my buy one get one free cake mixes!

Here's the breakdown:

Total: $66.98
Coupons: $ 8.10
Sales: $30.48

Total Saved:$38.58

Final Total: $28.40
I think that amounts to approximately 58% savings!!!!!!

Can't wait to go to Kroger tonight!!!!


Andy's Bethy said...

Kroger totally rocked! Thanks for taking me along for the ride - I love sharing the "high" with you. (we really are sad, you know that, right?!)
Oh well - it was still fun! Plus, uninterrupted talking time. Double bonus.

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME!!!!! :)