Saturday, March 21, 2009

God Stop Sunday

" that your faith would not be based on human wisdom,
but on God's power."
1 Corinthians 2:5

Hello friends. Welcome to God Stop Sunday where we look back at how God has been showing up in our lives this week.....through sharing our stories and testimonies we can strengthen one another and


Feel free to join me by just leaving a link to your post in the comments and I will add you to our post! I would love to read how God has STOPPED by in your life in an OBSERVABLE way.

First of all, yesterday there were two great moments that I know God must have intervened. Beginning Thursday night I had a terrible pain in my lower back. I laid on pillows, the floor, everywhere, and it wouldn't go! On Friday I had to help my mom with a doctor's appointment where I was having to help her after being "drugged." My back was still hurting in the waiting room even to the point where I was shifting in the chair sitting on my fist trying to get it to budge. (I had missed my chiropractor appointment to help that morning.) Well, later on as I was driving her home I realized that my back had stopped hurting completely!!! In the time I had to help her and get her in and out of the car in her drugged state (which was pretty funny but that's another story that I won't tell) my back had stopped and I was able to go the rest of the day with no pain and still today as well! Definitely a God Thing!

Later, on our way home I was going to pick up my grandmother. She was going to visit with me and the kids for a while since we don't get to see her as much any more. When I called she said that she had just been up to my parents house (they live out in the country next door to each other but a good bit apart still). She had walked up the road to their house and then back to her house through the woods when she saw no one was home yet! She is 80-something years old!!! It is a miracle that she didn't fall on that pretty long walk or get too exhausted or hurt! It has been a long habit of hers in our time of living out there to walk from house to house because she enjoys the walk and exercise. BUT, like most older people she is too stubborn to admit that she just shouldn't be doing that anymore! God certainly had His hand on her yesterday!

Weak stomachs stop reading here :) Skip down to "Now,"

The other thing is something that seemed just terrible at the time, but a few moments later I realized how perfect it was. On our way in the house last night Katie got sick outside. As in, she needed to throw up and did not make it in the house. Here is the perfect timing: We had just been at the grocery store, and she did not make it into the house yet. I was thinking how horrible for her to not make it inside, but where else is easier to clean up that out on the grass?!?!? Granted, the sidewalk needed some water thrown on it, but at least it wasn't in the car, or all on the rug that is right inside the front door, or all over the couch, or her bed with a book where she usually goes as soon as we come home from anywhere! So, I am thankful for the timing that we didn't have to be the sick people at the grocery store because it was BAD!

Now, for you to share....leave your link in the comments and I will add you to our post. I love sharing how God is making Himself SEEN in our lives, we just have to notice and acknowledge Him for it!


ktwalden said...

Thank the Lord for your healing, for watching over your Mawmaw, and for taking care of our little Katie and making her all better.

My post is up at

Kelsey and Travis said...

I enjoyed reading your Blog!!! It is going to be so fun to see how much your kids have grown when Travis and I get home. From the pictures it looks like they have both shot up since last year.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me that your back was hurting that bad. I'm sorry. I thought that you were just missing the chiropractor appointment for that week. Please DON'T post any of my "funny drugged" experiences. And apparently you haven't told me "everything"? You didn't mention anything funny about me getting in and out of the car :-o
It still scares me to think that Mama walked up our road and then back through the woods! There are several hills that she had to go down and up between our houses, and she has a hard time walking on level ground! I am glad that He looked after Katie as well. Our God is an awesome God.

Andy's Bethy said...

I posted a comment on here already... but I guess the internet "ate" it.
Mostly I wanted to say, next week, call and remind me to do this. I wanted to this week, I just forgot to do it at the "right time".
I love this idea, and what it stands for. I am just not in the habit yet!