Saturday, March 7, 2009

God Stop Sunday

Well, I only got one participant last week, but hopefully more will join us! The idea is Savoring The Observable Presence of God... God STOP. How has God Stopped by in your life this week? I find it to be such a faith builder to hear testimonies of how God is showing up to help people...all the time, right on time...every time! If you want to join, please leave a link to your God Stop Sunday post and I will add it to THIS BLOG so we can all lift each other up today! Feel free to take the photo and use it too!

For me....something very specific comes to mind. I was leaving the McDonald's drive through...trying to turn left across in a four lane very odd pull out....the lanes shift at the particular point where I was pulling out...anyway, it is hard to explain. There was a truck behind me and the driver honked their horn because I guess I sat there for more than 10 seconds and so as soon as I could go across the on coming traffic from the left I pulled on out, and misjudged the traffic coming from the right and skipped a lane or something anyway, there was a car RIGHT THERE and if I had pulled one millimeter further over we would have totally collided. God saved us right in that second from a major accident because there were cars everywhere. It really took my breath away and all I could say was "THANK YOU GOD" for timing all of this traffic so that no one got hurt!

Today as I was coming home from Cartersville I saw a terrible accident. Well, it was the aftermath of an accident. I couldn't even see the cars, but what first got my attention was a helicopter that had landed right on the interstate! There were police cars, firetrucks, but you couldn't see the actual cars from the accident they were all off the road I assume. The helicopter was from Children's Healthcare. I don't know what happened or who was involved in that accident, but it just really got to me and I started praying for them. I know it sounds crazy for this to be a "God Stop" but for me, God was truly stopping by to tell me to pray for them. Someone's child or baby was in that accident and hurt badly enough to require an airlift. Maybe those people didn't have someone to pray for them. Maybe the people who would pray for them just hadn't heard, or were in too much shock.
Isn't it good to know that God is watching out for you, even if you aren't the one who is spared from the accident as we were yesterday, but that He is stopping people, even strangers....and listening to their prayers for you and you may never even know!

How often does God Stop for us and we never even know it? That's what I am enjoying about the whole sharing thing I hope to start here. Building your faith daily and weekly, to draw on in those times when we think we have been overlooked....we haven't...we just don't know it yet!


andysbethy said...

Mine is set to post first thing in the morning. Thanks for starting this.
We pretty much always say a prayer when we see a wreck - we have been in enough of them that it is automatic to pray for those involved. Sometimes it hurts more then others though. When you know it is a child involved, it makes it harder.

ktwalden said...

My God SPOT is posted. Love your Irish look for March!

You are so right in pointing out that our prayers for others may be just what is needed at the time and that there are prayers from others making intercession for us when we need it most.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few years ago, not sure how many, I had to stop for an ambulance, and God impressed on my heart to pray for the ones that were waiting on that ambulance. I wondered at the time, if, maybe they didn't have someone to pray for them. Never knew what the results were, but,I felt that I had obeyed my Lord. Ever since that day, I never see or hear an ambulance, without saying a prayer for the ones that are waiting for it to arrive.


Marcy said...

I always try to pray when I see a firetruck or an ambulance as well. Accidents are so scary. This is a great idea.

Carrie Thompson said...

This post touched me and reminded me in a time when I need to be reminded that God is absolutely all around me, touching people every day, all the time! thank you.

On another note, thanks for linking to me! I will put in two entries for you!