Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winners all around!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the FIVE people out of approximately 130 hits since Monday who actually commented after my pathetic plea for comments.....
I have listed everyone in order of comment on a
piece of paper and used to generate my winner....
and the winner is........integer (entry) # 4:

HEATHCLIFF! Also known as: Chris, my brother.

Chris, your prize is.......a song! In honor of Chris being the winner of the comment contest, there will be a song playing for the rest of the month on my blog and HE gets to pick the song! So, Chris, leave a comment with your choice of song and/or group and I will get it going ASAP.

Now, on to the other winner of the day: ME!

I recently have organized my coupons in a binder. This truly made it much easier to find my coupons when making my grocery list using and I made my list, checked it twice, and headed to Kroger early this morning. I am quite proud of my savings this week. Although my TOTAL bill isn't getting lower YET, I AM saving more, which means I am getting more "stuff" for my money.
My super low price this week was on vitamins. I get the kids the Disney gummies vitamins and they were on sale this week buy one get one free ($6.99 each). Kroger had also printed me coupons for $4 off 3 bottles, and $2.50 off one bottle. SO....if my math is correct, I ended up getting the vitamins for $1.87 each! AWESOME!

Here's the weekly breakdown:

Total: $235.50 (this is approximate, I know tax would be different)
Kroger Sale Savings: $ 73.19
Coupons: $ 30.39
Total Savings: $ 103.58

Final Total: $131.92

According to the bottom of the receipt, that amounts to 45% savings!

I have to say I am pretty happy about that! Hopefully that total bill will be going down eventually.....somehow... I've got to be stocking up on something right?! ha ha!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I just don't have the time or patience to be a coupon person. Maybe with Bethany in town for the next six months she can help me out. I don't really buy much from the regular grocery store-Kevin is pretty much on his own in the food department-I just cook the plain foods that I can eat-which I normally purchase at Whole Foods (Harry's Market in Marietta)-however, I do pick up their flyer when I am there to see if any coupons apply to what I am purchasing-so I can give myself credit for that!

andysbethy said...

I was just at Kroger today, and didn't even go down the vitamin aisle. My kids love those things... bummer. I may have to run back out and get some before that bogo is over!

ktwalden said...

Congratulations to Chris...and to you for a job well done! I know Corey appreciates the time you take to save your family money.

heathcliff said...

I WIN!!!

For the prize-winning song, I choose: Promentory from The Last Of The Mohicans Original Motion Picture Score.

In a feature on the Today Show this morning, Stephanie Nelson from bought $100 of food for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. That's impressive. I use coupons whenever I can - mostly at restaurants - but I don't subscribe to the newspaper so I have to rely on coupons that arrive infrequently in the mail. Recently, I saved $1.99 on Colgate Total tooth paste thanks to a sale and a coupon!

Carrie said...

You know, I think I could do a shopping bill like that sometime, if I only bought the stuff that I had coupons for. Unfortunately, I always need milk, the obligatory Kix, and other "sundries" so that I end up having to get things that raise the total. I might try the only coupon thing though to see how low I can go!
I will start looking for that song. I hope you haven't picked something too obscure! ha.

Jill said...

I think I've got it :) That was easy!

Travis & Kelsey said...

AWESOME!!!! You go girl. I LOVE coupons, always have. I can't wait to go shopping with Bethy when I get back to the states. She is such a great coupon user.