Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homeschool Group!

We started a new homeschool group today!!!! Bethany (Canaan and Zion), PJ (Kaitlyn), and Christi (Harrison and Maccoy) came over this morning for our first get-together. We have one more friend who will join us when she can, but one of her little boys had strep throat so they couldn't come. All of us live in Adairsville, so it is just a fun quick to go to kind of get-together time!

St. Patrick's Day was the theme for today. Bethany read a book and she told us all about St. Patrick's Day. Then, we sorted, tallied, and graphed Lucky Charms, an activity brought by Christi. After that we painted shamrocks on paper using potato stamps made by me, and then we all enjoyed delicious green grapes and green cupcakes brought by PJ. I just noticed that I forgot to take pictures during the painting...oh well.

The kids had so much was great to have just a day of "fun" stuff. Each of the kids told us somthing they would like to learn about so we have a list of ideas for our future fun days. Next week is "SPACE!"

I am thrilled to have these play days to look forward to. Noah especially loved the boy time!


ktwalden said...

How neat is that?! Looks like everyone had a blast...

Andy's Bethy said...

I am so excited about our new group - I loved my old group, but I think this one is going to be fabulous! Thanks for getting it started Carrie. You are a wonderful friend, and a wonderful homeschool Mommy!