Saturday, March 28, 2009

God Stop Sunday

" that your faith would not be based on human wisdom,
but on God's power."
1 Corinthians 2:5

Hello friends. Welcome to God Stop Sunday where we look back at how God has been showing up in our lives this week.....through sharing our stories and testimonies we can strengthen one another and


Feel free to join me by just leaving a link to your post in the comments and I will add you to our post! I would love to read how God has STOPPED by in your life in an OBSERVABLE way.


Karen, at Hallelujah Anyhow!

My STOP for this week:

I can't believe I have only posted twice this week. Wow! I guess my God Stop this week is related to my last post. My cousin, the one who gave birth to the beautiful baby boy pictured below was in a car accident last Friday, just a few days before she delivered. Not only was she hit on HER (driver's) side of the car and it was totally crushed (as in the car was totaled), she was completely unscathed except for some bruises! Isn't God GREAT?! That is the thing that comes to mind when I think about how God stopped by this week and how I can SAVOR the fact that his protection and purpose always prevail! She was monitored and SENT HOME from the emergency room, to wait out a little longer before bringing Matthew into the world. That is GOD!


Jill said...

WOW! God is so good!

Karen said...

God has definitely been watching over them throughout this whole time...

My God STOP moment is posted at

Andy's Bethy said...

I am eager to meet this little miracle baby. I hope I get a chance to when he gets a little older!