Monday, March 2, 2009

Lurk No More!

I know you are out .......LURKERS!!!!
Those of you out there....reading this blog.... contemplating its many mysteries....laughing over the little stories I relate about the kids or life or just whatever is on my mind.

You come...and you read....and I have to install a map to trace your comings and goings....have to install a visit tracker...becau
se if I had not done those things...for all I know Bethany, my mother in law...and every once in a blue moon another single person will comment and those would be all I know of regular readers :(

Ha ha....yeah. I am kidding....sort of.
No, really...why don't you regular readers leave me a comment today (and other days too, don't be shy)?
I wonder how many I can get.
Just for my own reference...out of curiosity.

What if I did like the public television station and once a quarter I interrupt all my regularly scheduled posts with begging and p
leading for donations? Would that help? Well...instead of "donations" I will only humbly ask for a comment. How about that?

Would a prize help? I might could dig one up...let's go for it!

Everyone who comments will be entered to win. For your comment, give me your best excuse for not commenting more often :) If you do comment often, then good for you I am sure you will be able to think of your own comment obviously.

he prize? Intangible, but very special!
Intrigued? Leave a comment and take a chance! YOU COULD BE A WINNER!

Stop HIDING behind your COMPUTER!!!!

(if the thought of winning an intangible prize makes you nervous, please do not be scared. Leave a comment ...the more comments I get, the lower your chances are to win, so enter today :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm a lurker! I admit it. I usually don't leave comments because I don't have a blog and sometimes it won't let me leave one since I don't have the rigth kind of identity or whatever. I tried to post a comment to be entered into your Disney contest but it wouldn't let me.

I love reading your blog...just so you know!


Anonymous said...

You know that I comment occasionally. Sometimes I have trouble leaving a comment, so I just cancel it. And usually, I just talk to you and comment. Does that not count? Does this count as a comment or a complaint ;-) I hope that it will let me post this one.

PJ said...

Yes Ma'am! You know I love your blog. So my comment: I love your blog! Have a great day.

heathcliff said...

I read your blog regularly. Most of your posts are about kids. I don't have them so I don't comment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Nikowa & I'm a reader
(all) Hi Nikowa! :D

andysbethy said...

This was totally the wrong week (for me) for you to do this... I have had some serious internet issues with the move, as you know. But, since I talk to you on the phone almost daily, I suppose a comment from me is slightly unnecessary!
Still, here I am, checking in, just so you know! I always come back and read what I have missed.

Marcy said...

I had a friend do a similar post a while back and she called people who read your blog and don't comment "blurkers!" Haha! Sorry I missed the contest!