Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rush!

I had an absolute blast shopping at Kroger tonight. It is currently 11:49pm and I just finished eating a grilled cheese that Corey so graciously prepared for me for a late night snack...I really worked up an appetite hunting down the deals!!! Bethany went with me just for the fun of that sick or what?! ha ha! JK! I would totally go with her too! Except..she is currently banned from grocery shopping since she brought her enormous stockpile to join with her mom's stockpile and still bought more stuff this week for their pantry!!
So, she got her "shopping high" with me tonight! It was great! We left about 9pm, it's only a 15 minute drive, and we were on our way home at 11pm. An hour and a half of leisurely, uninterrupted, bargain hunting!
I was pretty nervous when I got up to the register because I had a very full cart! But, it was great again! Here's the breakdown:

Total: $154.90
Store sales : $ 47.00
Coupons: $ 24.40

Total Savings: $71.40
Final Total: $83.50
Savings: 47%

Grand Total for the week:
Total regular price groceries: $221.88
Total Store Sales: $77.48
Coupons Used: $32.50
Total Savings: $109.98

Total Spent: $111.90

My savings were pretty much at about 50%. I know there are people who do way better.....but....I am pretty proud! And, I am pretty sure that with 3 gallons of milk in my fridge, 2 dozen eggs, and lots of other stuff, we may can even skip next week altogether! (Though I am not sure I can pass up the weekly thrill! ha ha!)


PJ said...

I am so impressed! It really easier to bargain shop when you can relax and do it. I get to go this weekend, YAY!

heathcliff said...

I search for the 'Manager's Special' items at Kroger - bread, OJ, eggs and dairy products that are near the expiration date. Recently, I bought a half-gallon of milk for $0.90.

boxingchris said...

It finally is letting me leave a comment! You have no idea how many times I've tried and just had problems with it!
My shopping isn't as good as yours, but I'm trying. This week I spent $130.34 and saved $61.96. I'm frustrated with Publix, twice I've prepared my list and coupons, only to get there and realized I'm on the wrong weeks sale add. ugh!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I am very proud of you! It is fun to find huge bargains.