Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day: Part Two

Last night was Christmas at Nana and Poppa's House. We had a delicious and wonderful dinner that she slaved all day to prepare, complete with homemade coconut cake and red velvet cake. I brought some home for the fridge (for now) and for the freezer (for later). Then, we opened gifts. Katie got her prized "Alive Cub." Noah got a very cool Batmobile. We all got stockings full of goodies. We had a great time visiting and spent a good while trying to get a photo of the entire family. Here are some shots from the evening. Today is Christmas in Newnan with Granny and Pawpaw.

Noah with his Batmobile.

A shot of everyone.
You should see all the rejected takes and the ones while we were waiting to get the camera set up correctly!
Katie with "Gigi", her Alive Cub. It moves and makes noises.
A cute picture of me and Katie.
The camera we used actually takes three shots at the end of the timer countdown. I jokingly said, "do something silly on the third take" and the guys and the kids are the only ones who did it, ha ha!


ktwalden said...

It was a wonderful day for us! I am so glad we were together!

Carrie Thompson said...

okay so seriously Carrie Thompson who is a Christian mom, home schools, blogs, both our post yesterday were about game playing (which that game sounds awesome) and my daughter's name is katie! That is just little bit freaky!

I am putting you on my favorites list! I must keep up with double bloggin buddy too!