Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Last night we continued our family traditions that we started last year. We had a birthday party for Jesus, complete with decorations and birthday cupcakes. Then we opened a gift. Actually, this year we opened two gifts since one was for the entire family together. We talked about the Christmas story, and in memory of Jesus receiving three gifts, we also receive three gifts (well the kids do anyway! ha ha). We opened our "something we need" and "something for the family to enjoy together" last night. The gift for the family was our 7 day Disney tickets! WOO HOO! Then, the kids each opened their "thing they need," which was a giant book for collecting autographs, a small autograph book, a wallet, and a t-shirt. Things they need for our trip, of course! :) So, then it was to bed to bed and wait for "Santa." We haven't really pushed the Santa thing on them, we have read the history of Santa and they know he is pretend, but Katie really loves to play Santa. She put out cookies and milk and at about 7:30 this morning Noah was waking us all up. We went to see what "Santa" had brought. It was a GIANT box for each of them and a GIANT stocking. These would be the third gift in the tradition: "something they want." And, who can keep "Santa" from bringing a giant stocking full of tons of other little things, right?!

Katie found her wooden princess castle with mini princess doll collection, and Noah found his Indiana Jones Legos and Nerf gun. Corey is still putting together the Lego set. Noah did help for a while and he put together the airplane all by himself mostly. Their stockings had lots of goodies! Here are photos from the morning, including the Christmas breakfast I made (doesn't it look cute on the platter? ha ha!). Merry Christmas everyone! We are so excited to be spending the day together at home. We plan on watching a movie, taking a nap, then heading over to the other grandparents for the evening.


Nikowa said...

What a wonderful tradition!

Merry Christmas!

andysbethy said...

Breakfast looks delicious.
I would just like to say that those stockings are definitely the way to go. If you are going to have a stocking, you might as well make it the size of your kid, right!! Fabulous!
I recognize that guitar t-shirt too.