Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friends, Family, Christmas, and Quelf

We headed down to Newnan for another Christmas celebration with my Granny and Pawpaw on Friday. We did not go to the "big" gathering on Christmas Day, so we opted to visit them the day after. We had fun visiting with them and getting some pictures of them with their great-grandchildren.

Yesterday was Christmas with the Freemans and game night. We met them at 9:15am at the Waffle House! Yum! ha ha. Then we came back to our house to open gifts, visit, and play our new game we got for Christmas: Quelf. Well, we actually took a break in the middle of the day to go to Barnes and Noble to look for calendars and for me to pick up a new Disney travel book (ha, yeah!)
I had mentioned it before, but I have to tell you, the more we play this game, the more crazy and fun it becomes! You can click on the name to go to the website. This is the most ridiculously random game I have EVER played. We played it once early in the day, then some Trimonoes. Then, later in the evening, Chris and Hannah came over to play it with us. Well, first we warmed up with a rousing game of Clue (ha!) then we broke out this crazy game. If you love playing games that make you get silly and don't care about acting just plain silly, then you NEED this game! ha ha. Just to give you an example....during our first game, Corey had to talk like a pirate for half the game, I had to do the chicken dance for about 20 seconds, and we had to name countries where Spanish is the official language. Last night, Hannah had to build a fort out of blankets and chairs and stay in it until her next turn, Chris had to put the game box in his shirt until further notice (the rest of the game actually) and Bethany had to make a sock puppet and name it and keep it on her hand for the duration of the game. It is just so completely random what you may have to do, but it is SO good for laughs! It was a great night with old friends!
So, here are some photos from our day visiting with Granny and Pawpaw, our day with the Freemans, and speaking of old friends, a pic of me with my best friend from high school: Aura. I met her on the 23rd and hadn't seen her in over a year. It was great to see her and catch up. There are also a few pictures of the Quelf game we played!


heathcliff said...

I recommend Quelf to everyone. Not many games involve turning clothes inside out, quick-drawing with an opponent on the same square and saying 'I have you now' each time you make eye contact another player.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Newnan for a long time :) Looks like you all had fun!

andysbethy said...

Quelf is totally on my "to buy" list now. I am going to a New Years Eve party tomorrow, and I think I might have to go buy it for that! Seriously... I don't think I can enjoy a party without it now! You have ruined me forever. (and since you have a picture of me with my sock puppet in my nose, you quite likely have ruined me!! haha)