Sunday, January 18, 2009

200th Post and 100 Things About Me....

You are reading my 200th post since starting this blog in 2007!!!!! I can't believe what a journey it has been to start a blog. I have found it to be therapeutic as well as a place to keep memories. I keep saying I am going to print out all my posts and put them in a book of some sort so I can browse the pages and see all those everyday moments I recorded. I have been able to keep up with some "real-life" friends and have also made many "online" friends and have found that to be so much fun and a great source of support!
Most people do something neat or fun to commemorate their milestone posts, and I had thought about having a giveaway since I have never done that...but I plan on doing a giveaway on our Disney blog right before we leave (stay tuned in for that!) So, here we go...100 things about me...(this started out as 200 things about me, but I really ran out of ideas and was starting to feel pretty boastful and/or self-condemning throughout, lol)

1. I am turning 28 this year.
2. I love to watch old movies.
3. I was in the band in high school (played the flute).
4. I have never flown in an airplane.
5. Having kids completely changed my life!
6. I just dyed my hair for the first time with the reason being to cover gray!
7. I love to read and re-read Anne of Green Gables.
8. I spell words over and over in my head sometimes. (yeah, I'm nuts)
9. I am a total slob and I fight everyday against my natural tendencies.
10. I drive a Chrysler 300 and it is my most favorite car I have ever owned!
11. I heart karaoke
12. I am a Cake Mania expert.
13. I have super smelling powers. (seriously, I can smell anything a mile away!)
14. I love grocery shopping.
15. I really do not enjoy doing laundry.
16. I do not like animals.
17. I love spaghetti.
18. My first favorite music star was Randy Travis (ugh!)
19. I have never been further north than washington, dc, or further west than louisiana.
20. I can't swim.
21. I am a super fast reader.
22. I can't visit my local library 11 months out of the year due to library fines.
23. I love Beth Moore studies.
24. I have more friends now than I did in high school or college.
25. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education.
26. 18 days from now I will be on my way to Disney World!
27. I am almost an expert in planning Disney vacations!
28. I just learned to love baking a couple of years ago.
29. I am the current reigning Cookie Queen at our church for 2008!
30. I won several creative writing awards in college for poetry and short stories.
31. I have been married for 7 1/2 years.
32. My husband and I got engaged after dating for 4 months.
33. I really miss the chocolate lasagna at Olive Garden.
34. My imagination runs wild and drives me crazy most days!
35. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. Phil 4:13 (hey not being funny, it's true!)
36. My name is the only one in our little family that does not have the same number of letters in their full names.
37. I would not like to go on a cruise to Jamaica, the idea sounds very UNfun to me.
38. I heart game shows!
39. I feel sentimental toward Kelly Clarkson because I watched her on American Idol when I was pregnant with Katie.
40. I have never seen Goonies.
41. I have never seen the movie, Carrie, and people ask me that a lot.
42. I do not snap correctly.
43. Fruity Pebbles is my favorite cereal.
44. One time I went to The Varsity and ate a slaw dog, a burger, an order of fries, an order of onion rings, and a frosted orange. The next day we found out I was pregnant!
45. I don't like cashews.
46. I slide on our wood floors in my socks.
47. I am 5 feet 4 inches, 14 inches shorter than my husband.
48. I love Christian fiction books.
49. I lost 30 pounds last year, and found 7 of them!
50. I love traveling.
51. I don't snore.
52. I grind my teeth.
53. I love fall.
54. I planned our wedding in a week.
55. I can't imagine many things more boring than fishing or bird-watching.
56. I love "crooner" music.
57. I have been in two roll-over car accidents, came out with scratches both times.
58. I had a pet cat when I was younger, named "Taco."
59. One time, I ate an ENTIRE box of Lucky Charms in one night. (preggo)
60. I love blogging.
61. I love Sweet Tomatoes.
62. I would rather be really cold than sweat a drop.
63. I used to ride with my windows down and the air conditioner on.
64. I can't properly fold sheets.
65. I can write backwards.
66. I painted our kitchen all by myself and I was really proud!
67. I despise cigarette smoke and really despise when it is forced upon me.
68. I have never mowed grass.
69. I love Christmastime.
70. I love dancing...I wish I had trained in it.
71. I love playing online "time-waster" games like TextTwist.
72. I am a dedicated rule-reader and rule-follower when playing board games.
73. I have only had one traffic ticket in my life (camera at a red light got me)
74. I have never been to a jail or prison, not even in the parking lot.
74. I worked for two years as a first grade teacher.
75. I love to check the mail.
76. I wish that I was a coupon queen.
77. I hate to pay for drinks in a restaurant.
78. I LOVE breakfast food for dinner.
79. I have been stuck in an elevator twice.
80. I have been to New Orleans.
81. I can't stand to know that someone is mad at me.
82. I did the SAT with a basic function calculator because I left mine at home. Skimmed through the math :)
83. I take my own snacks into the movie theater.
84. I do not watch The Olympics when it is on.
85. I DO watch The Office...hilarious!
86. I am so happy in my life!
87. I have never had a grandparent die.
88. I broke my elbow a few years ago by falling down our front steps.
89. My knee pops every time I bend it.
90. I paid a $60 library fine last year, to avoid being arrested!
91. I love homeschooling!
92. I wear my sunglasses at night (sorry, this is getting hard!)
93. I throw things away and am not sentimental about most things.
94. I love hotel freebies (soaps and shampoo)
95. If I don't have a response to what you say, I don't say anything...sorry.
96. My new favorite game of all time is Quelf.
97. The first time I visited the Waffle House, I was 13 or 14. It is one of my kids' favorite places!
98. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to the beach. (5 times)
99. I can't seem to figure out how to make good homemade biscuits.
100. I am proud of myself as a mother.


ktwalden said...

Cute...I learned a few things I didn't know. Now how many of these things does your husband, mom, and dad know or not know?

Anonymous said...

I too love spaghetti...
& never watched the Olympics (can you say BORING!?)
love grocery shopping
have more friends now
got engaged after 4 months :)
love to check them mail
eat breakfast food for dinner
used to LIVE in New Orleans...

Among other things :) LOL

andysbethy said...

I love it!
Strangely enough, I think I knew almost all of those - how is that possible?
I did not know you have never mowed the grass... I may have to do something about that one!
I will admit that rather then spell
words over and over in my head, I type then over and over with my fingers... just watch me sometime, you'll catch my fingers just moving away for no reason - that is my brain telling my fingers to type, just because!
I had not ever heard The Varsity story - Was that Katie or Noah?
I love you, my amazing friend!

Anonymous said...

There were a few that I didn't know. #8-spelling in your head,#42-never noticed how you snap your fingers, #59-the whole box of lucky charms.
Comments on several:
#13-smelling-that is an ADDIS thing, you get it honest
#18-yes! we HAD to listen to him also!
#41- you were NOT named after that movie! Actually we heard the name on Little House on the Prairie.
#57-thankful for God watching over you and it was ONLY scratches
#68-to mow grass you would have had to been outside sweating, and we all KNOW how you feel about that lol
#100: I agree! I am very proud of the wonderful mother and wife that you are. And you are a great daughter also!


Anonymous said...

You did snore as a baby. I remember Norma thinking that it was funny. You quit snoring after you had your tonsils & adnoids(sp?) removed. Sorry, you probably didn't want that published online.

Carrie said...

I have no need to learn to cut the grass Bethany. That's man's work! ha ha!!! JK! I just have never had to....if I HAD to I guess I would.

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Cute idea! I think I would run out of patience before I got through trying to type a list like that! I am a very impatient person!!! I learned a lot about you, but I don't think anything was really a surprise. You are such a girly-girl & you are simply adorable!

heathcliff said...

I was the child who had to mow the grass at our house.

Michael Phelps in Beijing was one of the greatest moments in sports history. Very exciting. Not boring at all.

Carrie Thompson said...


okay come on a little farther West to Texas, I'll show ya around!

i am with you on the not being sentimental and just throwing things away!

WATCH goonies!

I am totally with you on the cruise to Jamaica, doesnt sound fun to me either!

Um I have the same issue with library fines....itsnt that really bad when you are a home's like breaking the code!

I love learning things about people!!! I might have to do this one soon.

Marcy said...

Okay, so I am a few posts behind! I loved this post! You really do need to watch Goonies. I can't believe you have lived your life and never seen it! I am still surprised when I watch it now that our parents let us watch it then! Don't bother watching the movie Carrie, it's not that good. The book is better, but I still do NOT think you would be a fan. I didn't fly until I was 26 or 27, and my first flight was to Las Vegas! When you do finally fly, it should be for a milestone trip or something!