Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Knew?!

Katie recently read this book. She pretty much just picks out what she wants to read and we do "stuff" with it for her lessons. She amazes me with her reading ability!

So, ever since we read it, Katie has been bugging asking me to make lemon meringue pie. Apparently the only thing Amelia Bedelia can do correctly is make a Lemon Meringue Pie. I had picked up the ingredients I thought I needed, only to find out that I did not have one of the things I thought I already had, so I found an easier recipe online tonight. I have never EVER baked anything with meringue topping and after reading some of the reviews of the recipes and hearing horror stories I was honestly quite nervous about it. I read all kinds of tips about making sure there were no yolks in the eggs whites, having them at room temperature. etc,.... Well, I failed at all of those and just decided to go with it and see what happened.
I was kind of a success with meringue on my first attempt! It could just be beginner's luck, but hey, I was pretty proud and Katie LOVED the pie. The filling hadn't really set up well enough yet when we ate a piece it was still really runny, but I think it will be better tomorrow. I took a photo before I put it under the broiler just in case something catastrophic happened in there...but it browned nicely and was quite tasty!
(The "after" picture is not very good at all, not sure what was up with that.)


andysbethy said...

I am super impressed! Meringue is hard! You could take Amelia Bedelia any day!

Mary Wary said...

Very nice-looking pie!!

ktwalden said...

Bravo to you and Katie!

Anonymous said...

Great job girls! I love lemon meringue pie. Never made one before though.

Carrie Thompson said...

awesome job! I love times like that...Matt brought me an Encyclopedia Brown book that had 4 of july recipe's in it. he wanted to make red, white and blue short cake UNTIL I TOLD him what the red and blue were! He was like never mind! I might make it with him any way, he just doesnt have to eat it I guess!

I love ameelia bedelia!