Friday, January 30, 2009

Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Well....I really needed some shoes to wear for our trip. I have seriously bad feet these days, not sure why, but it has got to the point where I can't even walk around the mall without having throbbing, hurting, feet at the end of the day. I got a pair of shoes when I started my running venture. They were Avias. The most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had. They are supportive in areas where I needed support and have this cantilever heel that is just amazing. During all my running/walking/training my feet did not hurt. Well, the problem with those shoes is that I wore them out between my training and coaching soccer. AND they were just really really ugly! Mostly white with a little pink on them.
It has gotten to the point where I think I am going to have to wear these kind of shoes all the time because ANY other shoes just KILL my feet, even sometimes when I don't even do a lot of walking. So, in the course of searching for good Disney walking shoes, I was hoping to find some nice "cool" looking Avias. After lots of searching I did find THESE shoes, and even ordered them. WELL, when they came in, they did NOT have the insole as advertised, they were just flat uncomfortable shoes. I returned them, and after two intense afternoons of scouring every shoe store and department store around, I settled on these:

I really really really wanted brown shoes that I could wear with my every day outfits, but push came to shove and I had to have some asap for our trip. So, the black and gray ones will have to do. I am looking at them in this picture and they look a little "retro" to me.....
It's not that they are that bad, it's just that I tend to buy a lot of brown and tan-ish hued clothes so brown would have really been ideal, but, the price was right and I will just keep my eyes open since this may have to be my one and only shoe brand from now on. Seriously, it is more comfortable than being barefoot!


ktwalden said...

Hope they work well for you....comfortable shoes are a definite plus at a theme park.

andysbethy said...

I think they are cute. Perhaps you should just buy some separate insoles to wear in "regular" shoes for everyday... there are some really great insoles out there, and maybe they would make other shoes more comfortable? Andy swears by insoles- His boots would be killer if he didn't have them!

Anonymous said...

I'm going in a few minutes to start the shoe shopping process as well. I am heading to Big Peach Running in Kennesaw. Apparently they analyze your feet on some high-tech treadmill or something and then fit you with the right running shoes. We'll see! I've been running so much that I think I need to get better shoes before I hurt myself. Wish me luck!

Carrie Thompson said...

Weirdly enough I took my comfy shoes to Disney but the ones I wore everyday were these cute red ones with NO comfy nothing! But my feet never hurt...I think it was God cushioning my feet the whole trip!!!

Shoes are just plain old hard to fine!

I am not a croc kindof gal, but that is what so many people are wearing! I bought them for my youngest for gymnastics to slip in and out of quickly when it wasnt flip flop season, but cant wear them myself!

I LOVE the Ella, somewhere!!!! You might see me in your sidebar, I 'll come back just to listen to your song!