Thursday, January 15, 2009

20 Things to Do in Your Twenties...

I found this list on my cousin's blog..she found it in a magazine or something...Anyway, here goes. I will be turning 28 this year, so I have a couple of years to pick up the slack!

1. Surround yourself with wise mentors:
I believe I have some pretty wise people to go to when I need it...
2. Become a lifelong learner
I don't think I have totally closed myself off to learn something new every day when you have kids!
3. Travel
I LOVE to travel, but I haven't been very far away. It would be nice to go somewhere really cool like Niagara Falls or something before I'm 30.
4. Learn to listen and handle criticism well
Oh...well....not so much, it depends on if I asked for your opinion or not ha ha!

5. Develop an active, healthy lifestyle
Yes, I try, try, and trying again!
6. Read a classic
Oh I have definitely done this! Should do it more often!
7. Go on an overseas missions trip
I have not done this. Not sure it will get done before I am 30 (terrified of flying!)
8. Create a monthly budget
We have done this before, we should do it again and STICK with it!
9. Start a Roth IRA
Have not.
10. Buy a used car
We currently have a used car.
11. Understand basic investment principles
I learned a lot in our Dave Ramsey class...not sure if it stuck but I know more than I did!
12.Go to a concert
I have not done this since I was in high school, so I think it is time to do it again before 30 hits!
13. Learn a foreign language
Probably not gonna happen, I am starting to get depressed about this list! I know ( a very little!) conversational spanish and can read it okay...
14. Start a blog
I think I got that one down!!!!! :)
15. Get your college degree
16. Pay off credit cards
Oh how we need to do this!!!
17. Stay in a hotel that costs over $200 a night Nashville for our 5th anniversary and recently on my free Disney trip. COMFY beds!!! Ah!
18. Read the Bible cover to cover
Probably have not...especially not in that order.
19. Explore your family of origin issues (positive and negative) and pursue growth
I have kind of done that. I know the things I don't want to continue as a family tradition! ha ha!
20. Figure out the type of person you want to marry ......
I better have done that one, since I have been married for 7 years I guess I did! ha!

Looking back over the list, I still have many things I "should" do in the next few years. We'll see! I just thought it was a fun list! What about you? Is 30 swiftly approaching? :) If it has passed, did you do everything on this list?


Carrie Thompson said...

that was very neat, I already passed up the 30 mark but I will do one day still and say what I already accomplished!

Carrie Thompson said...

hey come check out my blog later, I am leaving you an award!

andysbethy said...

30 is sneaking up REALLY quickly on me. I guess I need to take a nice long look at this list and make sure I am comfortable with my accomplishment level!
Good stuff!

Carrie said...

oh, I know you have nothing to worry about, you are READY!!!

heathcliff said...

I need to start a blog!

Corey said...

Dude! We went to a concert after we were together, at some point in your 20's. Glad it was memorable for you...

Carrie said...

Corey: Actually, I was 19! We got married when I was 20...

heathcliff said...

I went to two concerts just last year: Maroon 5/Counting Crows and The Cure.