Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter School....

Here are some photos of our winter school program. Ha!

(click to view larger)
In the top photo they are using pattern blocks to design a picture then draw it.
In the bottom photos they are writing/drawing in their journal.

Our classroom is in the basement. We have a vent run to the room, but it really is not very affective. Most of the year, especially in Georgia, it
isn't that big of a deal. The summer and fall and spring are comfortable and the most we ever need is a fan in the corner. As it gets cold, however, it becomes very difficult. We have a space heater that we have been turning on about an hour before we head down in the mornings, but today I didn't even try! It was down in the teens last night and our high tomorrow will be 32 degrees, so we will just move school upstairs for the time being. I love our classroom...moving things upstairs isn't a HUGE deal, it just strews things out more....I now have a living room covered with workbooks, crayons, markers, notebooks, etc. I know that 32 degree weather doesn't sound bad compared to some of the frigid below zero temps in other areas, but if we had that kind of weather here, then we would definitely have that room hooked up with some HEAT! ha. As it is, here, we only have this cold of weather for a couple of weeks, then it will be back to using the heater, and then, by April, I bet we will have the fan on already!! Ah, the joys of living in GA with totally crazy weather year round! (last year we actually had snow during this time....hoping!!!!) (click for a trip down memory lane)


andysbethy said...

It is cold here, but not quite THAT cold. You have us beat. I am totally a fan of moving to the living room for school though, so you won't hear any arguments from me!
Bundle up and stay warm!

Carrie Thompson said...

we have the same drama here in Texas! Yesterday we went outside and didnt even need a jacket and today it is 35 degrees outside!

I hope you get some snow!!!

Julie said...

I am a home schooling mom too. I am in my 17th year of schooling my children.

I found you from your mother-in-law's blog. She passed along to me the beautiful award that you passed along to her...

I am also a Georgia resident. I live in Ellijay.

Loved visiting your blog.

It's nice to meet you!