Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Friend

Bethany and me at Downtown Disney, Nov 08

Let me tell you about my friend, Bethany. She is linked on my blog roll over there under "Living Learning Laughing Loving.

Bethany gets to come "live with me" for 6 months at the end of February!!!! I am SO excited. Well, she isn't literally going to live WITH me, but she will be living in Adairsville (about 3 miles away maybe?) while her husband, Andy, is deployed with the Air Force. The last time she lived here full time was the first time we really got to know each other and become close as friends. She had lived here once before during a deployment but I was working full-time and she was pregnant, and without having hung out a lot at that time we just missed each other that time.

BUT, God had predestined us to become friends, so it eventually had to happen!!! Andy (her husband) and Corey (my husband) met in kindergarten. They are so much alike! No matter how much time goes by in between their "hang out" times, they always seem to pick right up where they left off (much to our chagrin most of the time this puts them in about the 6th grade! ha ha, well they have wives now, so let's say high school freshman boys, if you know what I mean! ha ha! I know Bethany does!) So, God, in His divine wisdom, knew these boys needed proper and wise helpmeets, so that's where Bethany and I come in. AND God in his divine wisdom knew that whoever He matched up with those two were going to HAVE to be able to love each other and understand and support each other as well, so that is why I am SO happy that Bethany is the one for Andy and I am the one for Corey because it just works out so well for everyone! (now we just have to get that little girl in the picture and life will be complete huh?)

I started writing all this to say, that I am blessed to have Bethany as my friend. She has three sisters and I have none, so God, again, saw the need and met it abundantly. If you are blessed to be one of Bethany's friends you know what I mean...she is so great to confide in, always willing to give out not hasty but well thought out advice, and I just love her so much. She gave me the boost I needed to go out on a limb and try homeschooling (she was here at the decision making time, so I know it was a God thing), and she was raised very similarly to me, so we usually have lots to talk about why the boys reminisce about their own upbringings together.

I guess I am feeling thankful tonight. And, I wanted to share.....I hope it doesn't sound too gushy and silly, but I am just being thankful for friends and with Bethany getting ready to move (she blogged about her moving sale today) I was thinking about the next few months...and how grateful I am every time Andy is deployed! (HA, JK I would never choose that, of course)
I guess what I mean is that I am thankful that all things work out in such a perfect way. The fact that we live here in Adairsville, and Bethany's parents live here in Adairsville, and that we get to hang will just be FUN!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh!! Thanks for loving my girl too!! You guys are going to have a blast. You know I'm going to want to tag along sometimes, or watch the kids while you go have some girl time. nina

andysbethy said...

Wow! I am feeling very special right now. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to. I try to find the positives in Andy's deployment, and you and your kids are definitely a positive!
I am so glad that Andy met Corey, so many years ago, and that they stayed friends through all the changes of growing up. God definitely knew what He was doing when he put the four of us together!

Marcy said...

That was a really nice blog. It is definitely a blessing to have Bethany as a friend. Since y'all will be living so close together, it will give us more chances to meet up and hang out, hopefully.

Mary Wary said...

Aw, I LOVE Bethany as well--what's not to like? No.....seriously, can somebody tell what NOT to like about Bethany so I can feel better about her leaving Valdosta??? While I'm happy for you guys up there, I am so DEPRESSED that she's going to be gone for so long! Wah!!!