Friday, January 23, 2009

In the Arctic

During our recent "arctic blast" I decided to have the kids learn about polar animals.
We started with penguins, then last week learned about polar bears.
Here they are with their polar bear faces they made.
Of course, this activity, was more about motor skills than polar bears! ha ha!

On a side note: don't you love the coordinating shirts Katie and Noah are wearing?
Part of their Disney wardrobe!


andysbethy said...

Very adorable. I am eager to have fun doing some activities with you... with our powers combined, dum dum dum....(cue the theme music)

ktwalden said...

They look cute! I bet they all had a blast! You have great ideas for those children...

PJ said...

That is adorable. Kaitlyn loves all the activities you do. You are a wonderful teacher.