Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not the Coupon Queen......

Well, I started a serious campaign to start using coupons and being a smarter grocery shopper this week. I did okay, but I am far from great at it. The problem for this week was we needed everything. And, we could not feasibly buy everything, of course! AND that meant we didn't shop as "healthily" as I like to or stock up on anything because none of the things we truly needed to stock up on were on sale (chicken, other meat, veggies, cereal)
BUT, I did save a lot of money and we do have plenty to eat for the week, though we do not have chicken because it was not on sale and I cannot abide by paying $6.99/lb for boneless skinless chicken. I think we are going to try to start buying meat in bulk and some other items through a wholesale club so maybe that will help. Also, we have had such a busy week that I just didn't have the time to go shopping around to different stores to get the very best deal I could get on every single thing.

So, without further postponing, here are my measly results:

Before any discounts/sales: $168.19
After Kroger sales (38.82): $129.37
Bonus coupon (?) (.90): $128.47
After coupons (17.65): $110.82
Total Savings: $57.37

It seems a lot for a family of four for one week, huh? *sigh* I feel like such a failure. But, I did have to buy some bigger ticket things like pull-ups (which were on sale and a $2 coupon) and paper towels (multipack for over 50% off with sale and coupon). I am looking at my receipt and it seems the bulk of the money that was spent on stuff not on sale was spent on meat (hamburger meat, hot dogs, smoked turkey deli meat). Oh, also on dairy (yogurt and eggs because I like fancy eggs :)

I do love that I got an awesome deal on some makeup. I got a great Revlon lipstick, regular $9.99, sale 50% off, then a coupon for $2 off, so I got it for 2.99! I also got some Covergirl eye shadow, regular $5.50, sale 50% off, and a $1 coupon, so I got it for $1.75! I am so happy about those things because I really don't like buying makeup it just seems so expensive.

I guess I will try again next week :) Then, it's off to Disney for a week to not think about groceries or coupons or buying ANYTHING cheap!!! ha ha!


andysbethy said...

Coupons are hit or miss. You know how I feel about them... eating healthy is more important then eating cheap. But, that being said, they can be really useful when the right ones come along. I love the ones you can print from online, because then I can just get the ones I want, rather then waste a bunch of paper on the ones I won't ever use.
Maybe we can join Sam's club (or is there a BJ's?) together when I move back up there?
We can make it a team effort! Have fun hunting up some good deals, together .

Carrie Thompson said...

I think you did pretty good for 57.00 especially with it counting in pull ups and other non grocery! Do NOT beat yourself up... any savings is a good saving!!! I think that when you are couponing, there are good buys and great buys! But a good buy is still good. I also think that when you are trying to do good things for your family that God sees your heart and he will bless your attempt to be financially careful 7 x's fold!

Kelsey and Travis said...

I think you did good Carrie!!!! Shopping here can be real tough and there is no such thing as coupons and hardly ever any deals. But veggies are cheap and natural so its all good. Good luck with the coupons :)

Jessica said...

Have you ever heard of It tells you what on sale and what coupon to use. It spells everything out for you. We have been doing it for about 3 months now and it is so much fun. It is great for people like me who dont want to spend hours and hours clipping coupons. You should check it out. BTW Kroger tyson chicken is on sale this week 1.99 LB!