Monday, January 12, 2009

Me Too!

Today Noah was in his room "cleaning" and I was in our (no quotes there!). He started calling me to come in his room and I said "Hold on I can't come in there right now I am right in the middle of something."

I was, in fact, trying to prevent an avalanche that was trying to happen in our closet. Some stuff from the top shelf was falling on my, I was tied up.

He responded with, "I wish you had two more arms!"

Ha ha!!!!! I said, "you wish I had two more arms?!" and he said, "yeah, two more streeeetchy arms so you can reach a long way in here too"

ME TOO NOAH!!!!!! ha.


andysbethy said...

That is an absolutely fabulous story! I LOVE that little munchkin! Too cute...

ktwalden said...

What a sweetie pie! Out of the mouths of babes...they really have the answers to life's predicaments.

Carrie Thompson said...

That is hilarious!

my 5 year old said to me," oh mommy you look so nice. Your shirt is so clean. You look so nice becasue you washed your shirt!?

what does it mean? What do I take from that? Why did she say it? Do I usually looked ungroomed?

But what I said was, "oh sweetie thank you. You look so pretty today too!