Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workout '09

I have been a complete slacker about working out. I had huge intentions of training for the 5K happened. I had a few issues with personal health, then winter came with early darkness and COLD. So, needless to say I totally gave up on my training. I did not continue anything at home either.
Well, I am motivated once again.
I decided I needed to get back in shape before I go and walk 5 miles a day or more on our vacation. I was feeling SO good before, when I was doing regular walking/running. When I coached soccer, that sort of kept me a little in shape for those months, running after 4 year olds for an hour twice a week!
Yesterday I started back on my video: (click photo for link)

I wrote about how great it was last year when I first got it.(read about that HERE) I am relieved to be back at it! The great thing about this video is, since it has 10 minute segments, you can start back in and not feel like a TOTAL failure. Nevermind that I got to where I could do all of the sessions in one workout without dying! ha ha. For now, I started back on the first 10 minutes (cardio) and have done that yesterday and today. The good news is: I did not ALMOST DIE like I did the VERY first time I did it!!!!!! YAY!!!! Tomorrow I will add in the next 10 minutes. It is such a great and forgiving workout video for people like me who will give it up for a few months, then pick it back up. 10 minutes isn't THAT long. I can do it!! And, I won't be in such bad shape while we traipse around the theme parks for 7 days!


Marcy said...

Wow! 10 minutes is great. I would like to have one that broke things down like that. We just got Wii Fit and I think I am going back to my Firm videos. They each have a quick version, but even those are about 30 minutes. Good for you and keep it up!

andysbethy said...

I am going to be returning soon!! Maybe we can pick up where we left off last time Andy was in the desert? I really enjoyed having a workout partner. It was more fun to work out with someone else. Plus, I will be there all spring and summer, so we can go to the track and let the kids right bikes while we walk. So, enjoy your video for now... but I AM COMING! Be forewarned!

heathcliff said...

I plan to begin running in late February / early March to get in shape for the Cherry Blossom 5K.

I miss running but it is definitely not a winter sport.