Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Times Two! (click each to see bigger)

Today is a birthday for two parents!
My dad and Corey's mom share February 1st as their days of birth!
Happy 53rd birthday Daddy!
Happy 5 times 10 to Karen!


Amy Bayliss said...

I just wanted to come by and say congratulations for being one of the Internet Cafe's Top 100 Christian Women's Blogs of 2008! You are truly a blessing. Thank you for the many ways that you serve!

andysbethy said...

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to the parents! I am pretty fond of both of them, and the youngins they raised, so I wish them "many happy returns"!

Side note... You are absolutely correct, the "last hurrah" has in no way been had. I mis-stated that completely! That was simply the last hurrah for the church and work friends. You guys will provide another, and I still have tricks up my sleeve. I reserve the right, as the wife, to have the final "last hurrah'!!

Laurie Ann said...

A double happy birthday!

I just wanted to stop in and say congratulations for being one of the Internet Cafe’s Top 100 Christian Women’s Blogs of 2008! Your blog truly does bless!