Wednesday, February 18, 2009


(sorry for the bad photo, the only one I could find online)

If I could, I would instate a ban on this item from being placed in my grocery cart. It is lethal! It is dangerous! It has made me feel sick once again as I abandon all self-control and consume a truly sinful amount of its delicious product! Hot, gooey, straight from the oven, with a glass of milk. No work required, no huge time commitment, just almost instant, too quick, delectable sweetness! Cooked just *under* done, almost needing a fork but not quite. Mmmmmmmmmm......until about 20 minutes later when I am saying UUUUgggghhhhh,
I ate HOW many?!


andysbethy said...

Oh my gosh... I totally want some now. Right this minute. That is not fair. Only I don't want mine cooked at all... just straight raw!

ktwalden said...

I have been guilty of that too....chocolate chips should be against the law...then again, maybe not...the legal system couldn't handle it!

Kelsey and Travis said...

Ohhhh, Chocolate chip cookies. A few comments from me. #1 chocolate chips don't even exist here and I still am addicted. My mom sends them over. #2 Like Bethy I prefer them raw, but Travis wont let me eat them raw here cause the eggs are way more likely to have salmonella. #3 Have you ever baked them in a bar? They are AMAZING that way.