Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Four: Epcot

Dining at the Rose and Crown

Bethany...Epcot reminded me of you all day! From the green house tour full of innovative way to produce bountiful harvest in all conditions, to the "Earth Day" video Noah and I watched while killing time. Epcot is your park! Plan to spend 2 days there when you go, for sure!!!!

We spent a lot of time at Epcot today. Had a great meal of "fish n chips" at the "Rose and Crown" and road Soarin and Test Track to our heart's content...each person had a great day and we are all completely and totally exhausted once again! Just one photo to share today...I am too lazy to upload more and....we didn't take as many today, but we got lots more Photopass photos (taken by the roaming photographers around the park). We met Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and had photos taken with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy all at the same time during our Disney Visa character greet!

Katie LOVED Soarin...Noah did NOT. Noah LOVED Test Track...Katie did NOT! ha ha! Oh what fun!


andysbethy said...

I finally have the internet working again~ I can't wait to try Epcot! You will have to share all your stories, and more pictures later. It sounds very "me"! I am going to make Andy go, whether he wants to or not. You are going to have to convince Corey to help me talk him into it!
Keep having fun!

PJ said...

I am so glad you did Test Trac, I told you they would love it (except Katie, but I am glad she tried it). I know you are having a ball!