Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopping Spree and Toothless again!

Top Story:
Katie lost her 3rd tooth just now! It is one of her top teeth...adorable and exciting times!!!!

In other news:
I got to go on a shopping spree at Zales outlet today!

Back story: If you are a faithful reader, you may remember the little anniversary trip last July when Corey and I got new wedding sets. ( You can catch up on that HERE. )
Well, ever since I had the new set, I have had problems with it. Within 2 weeks of getting it, one of the little stones around the center ring was missing. I took it in to be fixed. Picked it up. TWO DAYS later, the same stone was out again. I really wanted to wear my ring so I waited a couple of weeks, and low and behold during that time ANOTHER stone came out. It took me a while to get back down there to get it fixed (at our local Kennesaw store) so it was around Christmas when I took it in. This time it took 3 weeks and I picked it up in January. Well, no kidding, TWO DAYS LATER the original missing stone was OUT AGAIN!
This time I went to the computer, long story, up the chain of command to the regular store, to the outlet stores, and got approved for a full exchange even though it was out of the "exchange window."
This happened to be a week before we went out of town for Disney. I told them I couldn't make it in, etc, etc, and finally today we went up to the original store in Lawrenceville to see what they had and what I could find to exchange.
I spent about 20 minutes looking around thinking that I didn't see anything I liked (well, anything that was what I needed to spend can be so ridiculously overpriced!). Finally, I found a set I like,.... I truly even think I like it better than my original one I got last year.
Turns out, after they added up my return and the cost of the new set, I still had $550 to spend! Woo hoo! They did offer me the exchange out of the time frame with the stipulation that it had to be for equal or greater value, OF COURSE.
SO, I went looking. Actually, I knew right away one thing I wanted to get. I have always wanted a sapphire and diamond ring and I knew exactly the one I wanted. That was easy....still have some $$ to de da...what to was SO FUN except I had a bad headache and the kids were really getting bored (yeah, Corey too). I looked at a chain because I have a beautiful sapphire and diamond cross that I don't have a chain for, but it would have been $190 over my amount to get it. I finally picked out some hoop earrings. They are very pretty. I ended up spending $40 more dollars, but it was almost impossible to get it exactly even....either go $40 over or go $200 over...ha ha.
Anyway, here are my purchases. I love them. I am so happy and glad that this is over and love my rings even better than what I had before! Yay!
This actually has four smaller stones that give the look of the big stone in the middle. I like that I can wear the band alone if I want to....good to have the choice for different days/situations.

I have wanted a sapphire ring like this one for a long time! It is gorgeous!
Not as "big" as it looks on here really. I don't like "big" rings.
Cute, all purpose hoop earrings...with some diamonds.


ktwalden said...

Katie's picture is so cute!! That little girl is growing up so quickly...

Your jewelry is gorgeous and I hope these pieces don't give you any problems....surely you have had more than your share of those...

PJ said...

Love the new jewelry. The sapphire ring reminds me of "Titanic", very pretty.

andysbethy said...

I love the picture of Katie. I can't believe how fast she is "growing up"!! Tell her to slow down!
I can't wait to come see your new jewelry in person. Looks like you did good. I have some "all purpose" diamond hoops that I wear all the time. They are great to have around!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at Katie. I didn't know she had lost another tooth. I knew it was loose, she had me feel of it while we were on vacation.;-)
Love your jewelry.