Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 8: Last Day at Magic Kingdom

not my photo, but we saw it too! :)

We were up early again today to get to the park for the opening. We watched a short opening ceremony where Mickey, Daisy, and some other characters rode in on the train..that was pretty cool. We made a beeline for Dumbo because Katie had not had a turn on it and Noah wanted to ride the Speedway (go carts) so he and Corey did that. I took Katie over to meet Ariel while Mama stood in line for Dumbo. After Dumbo it was time to join the rope drop line for Toon Town and to get in line to see the Fairies in "Pixie Hollow." We had missed this the other day because we went to see princesses first and at 20 minutes past opening the line for the fairies was at 75 minutes! They have created a complete and beautifully detailed environment where you meet the fairies. Katie loved it, of course! Corey and Noah also rode Pirates of the Caribbean while we were in line.

After that we toured Mickey and Minnie's house, rode Winnie the Pooh, saw Mickey's Philharmagic again, It's a Small World, then took the train back to the gate to head home to rest and have lunch.

We headed back to the park around 5:30-6pm. We staked out a spot for the parade and fireworks and ended up on the terrace of a Tomorrowland restaurant. We ate dinner at some tables and basically just hung and out and waited. We could see the Spectromagic parade pretty well, but the view of the fireworks was just amazing!!!! Wonderful! Tinkerbell flew right over our heads!!! After that we went to do Buzz Lightyear one more time, Mama and Daddy did the Stitch's Great Escape attraction and we took Katie over for one more spin on the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. We ended the night by buying a balloon on Main Street and riding in the front of the monorail back to the parking lot.

It was a great ending to a great week! And...Corey even wants to come back next year! I call that a great success!!!!
Too late to upload photos...going to sleep!

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