Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am slowly but surely making progress on my savings and stocking up when Krogering each week!

Today I did pretty well. The actual "coupon" savings are not increasing THAT much, but truthfully, most coupons are for things I just don't want to buy for my family...even if they are super cheap! I already weed out a good many by just not cutting them out (highly unhealthy cleaners, candy, bad junk food) so, then I am left with mostly cereal, lots of dairy and frozen foods, household things like sandwich bags,...etc.
This week all natural boneless skinless chicken was on sale, and chicken leg that's where I racked up some big savings. Here is the breakdown:

Total: $219
Plus Card Savings: $67.83
Coupon Savings: $16.30
Total Savings: $84.13
Final Total: $134.87

I ended up with about 15 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts, and 10 pounds of leg quarters. 2 double packs of seasoned fish (tilapia and cod), more cereal stock up, lots of crescent rolls (an unhealthy indulgence for us), and several bags of healthy tortilla chips (Garden of Eatin), as well as some more frozen fresh vegetables.

That's not all I bought, of course, but I am slowly stocking up....and eventually...will be able to spend even less each week because we will be all stocked up on the basics.

We went this weekend and purchased a freezer. My parents were going to give us theirs since they don't really need it anymore and they had their house up for sale. Their house did not sell the time it was on the market so they had decided they would just be staying. Therefore, we decided we just needed to get our own freezer. WELL...the DAY Corey was supposed to go pick up the freezer, they got an offer on their house. SO....Corey went to Brandsmart.....and cancelled/returned the freezer! ha ha. Now we just have to arrange to go get the *other* FREEzer. (ha!) I will need it very soon with all the meat I am getting...chicken this week....hopefully beef/steak soon.

I have not reduced our weekly grocery amount yet....but with the cabinet and fridge looking more and more like a grocery store itself, I am confident that we will be doing better soon!


PJ said...

What a deal! You are doing really great with the savings. I haven't had to make another kroger run until today, but only for meat, bread, milk. This month's groceries, only about $250. We did eat out a little more than usual with kids being out of school and valentines day. I am looking forward to Keri's coupon advice for us.

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Wow! You did great! We don't have a Kroger. I'm jealous now, lol.

andysbethy said...

I am so glad you are still excited about coupons/stocking up. We will have fun together when I get there!
"Let's go Krogering!" (can't you just hear the jingle in your head?)

Carrie said...

You know....I actually don't know the jingle...poor tv deprived me!