Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coming Soon....

I am really taking a break right now, just because I am overwhelmed with things I have to get done here at home. I still have laundry to finally finish, things to organize and find a place to store....and get school things back on a schedule and lessons finished for co-op next Monday. *sigh*
I am so ADD that it is difficult for me to get any one of these projects done, and on top of all that I am wanting to get my detailed Disney trip report posted on my other blog and all the photos organized and shared.
It is coming....I promise. I just can't move on till I get everything else done first.

See you soon!


Carrie Thompson said...

We can wait! glad you are back, safe and sound and full of wonderful memories!

whens the next trip??? lol

andysbethy said...

Nothing wrong with taking one thing at a time! (besides... I talk to you on the phone, so I cheat on the whole "having to wait" thing!) I do want to see pictures though... so, get to work, get your stuff done, and post some pictures when you get a chance!
Love ya!