Saturday, February 7, 2009

Having a Blast!

We have been so super busy! We had a fantastic, but too short visit with Andy and Bethany last night, stayed overnight in Valdosta, left there around 10:00 this morning, then arrived in Downtown Disney this afternoon. After a quick lunch at Earl of Sandwich and then some quick shopping (Noah and Corey created a lightsaber and he also picked up some Lego goodies) we checked into our town house. The kids and Corey went for a quick swim, then it was fast dinner and bedtime for Katie and Noah because I was able to change our Tusker House character breakfast to TOMORROW MORNING at 8:30, so we have a super early morning. I had been trying to change that all week from Thursday and they finally had an opening this morning when I called.
I am extremely sleepy right now so I will direct you to Corey's Twitter page for some photos he took with his phone throughout the trip thus far. Maybe I will get to upload some from our camera tomorrow! Talk to you soon! Don't forget to enter the Disney giveaway (top left of page). Here's the link:

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andysbethy said...

Andy is going to have to hate you now... that last link to Twitter was all the encouragement I needed to join!
Keep us up to date on the Disney excitement - sounds like fun fun fun!