Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Noah's vocabulary....

Noah just came up to me on the couch. First of all, he was explaining why he had been sitting at the table for about 20 minutes with only having eaten one bite of food. (I guess those NINE chicken nuggets he ate yesterday will do him for the rest of the week?). He said, "Well, I took one BIG bite of macaroni in my mouth, and I was sitting there a long time because I had to chew it.

Ha. Well, he has the hiccups.

"Mommy, when I am at Nana's house and I have the hiccups she has a hiccup bracelet that I can wear to make the hiccups go away."

I say, "Really, what are the hiccup bracelets? What are they made of?"

Noah: "They are all different colors except not scarlet, and they are made of softness."

?!?!?!? Too funny. Anyone (Nana) care to enlighten me on this miracle treatment?

And, I have debated and decided that I MUST share this story, it's not really that bad.....

We went shopping last week at the Hanes outlet for some "underthings" for myself which were badly needed. While we are walking around (the only ones in the store I might add) Katie declares quite loudly...

"Mommy....I need a bra, when can I get a bra?!"

To which Noah replied, "Katie, you have to have those things to go in it.......maybe when you are a grown-up."

Yeah...it's funny now.


ktwalden said...

Too cute! Unfortunately, Nanna does not remember anything about a hiccup bracelet. We have used a spoonful of sugar to stop hiccups before...maybe Katie remembers something more?

Katie Thompson said...

umm... what?