Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 5: Hollywood Studios

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Outside the Toy Story Midway Mania ride.
Yeah, Noah is looking down...he is pretty much tired of pictures by now...

Noah fighting Darth Vader to complete his training

We tried to sleep in this morning, but we only made it to 7:30 ha! BUT, we did take our time in heading out. We spent today at Hollywood Studios. The most exciting thing today was that Noah got picked to be a part of the Jedi Training Academy!!!!!!!!!! We were SO excited! This is a show where they pick about 8-9 kids out of the audience to participate to be "trained" by a Jedi Master...then Darth Vader comes out and fights each one of them to complete their training. I have heard about other families who have gone and even went to every performance of this show throughout the day and still not be picked. But, we got there really early, and when he was looking around to pick kids, Noah just stood up as tall as he could and raised both hands straight up in the air and he was picked! He was a little star-struck at first I think about being on stage, but when it was his turn to fight Darth Vader he really gave it his all! They had one of the park photopass photographers there to take up close photos of all the kids so I will have MUCH better photos of this to share later...but he was thrilled (and Corey was needless to say extremely excited as well!!) He got a diploma as a keepsake at the end.
They loved everything at Hollywood Studios today. We rode the new Toy Story Ride, which is awesome!
Tomorrow morning Katie becomes "Belle" at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!


andysbethy said...

That is so cool that noah was picked for the Darth Vader thing! My kids are going to be so jealous, and thrilled, and want to hear all about it in detail.
Can't wait to see "Belle" pictures. My boys won't care so much about those, but I will!

ktwalden said...

I bet Corey wished he had been up there with Darth Vader as well! Loved the pictures Corey has been sending during the day and the updates. The kid's will have a lot to talk about when they get home.

PJ said...

I am so excited for Noah! I can't wait to see the photopass pictures. Those were the best when Brendan did the Jedi Training. Did you guys go to fantasmic?