Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Countdown: Day Seven

Emily Green asked:
"What is the best thing for getting Georgia clay out of kids' clothes?

Okay, if I'm allowed to add a question/expand...here it is...
what as been one of your most wasteful purchases to date?
What has been one of your best/most valuable purchases to date?"

Here's my advice for getting Georgia clay out of kids' clothes:
Throw it away. Buy a new ________.

Ha. I must admit that my kids don't get in the mud very often...or at all. I know, I am guilty. Katie had a complete crazy meltdown yesterday because she saw/heard a bee buzzing around the front porch. She was frozen to the stairs and just screaming. The neighbors were in their garage and came out to check on us, that's how loud she was. I waved at them and explained "She saw a bee in the yard, we don't get out much!"
Guilty guilty guilty.

It is a huge planned out event if I know there is going to be mud and they wear the oldest clothes they have.
So, sorry, I don't have good advice for getting the stains out. Maybe someone else will be able to help you, Emily.

Now, to the next part!
Wasteful purchases! I am an expert on this! In my opinion, one of the most wasteful purchases you can make is overpriced food, whether at a restaurant or a grocery store. That is where the bulk of our wasted purchases have gone. Also, as far as a singular completely wasteful purchase, I have to say it was the spray tanner I bought from QVC one time. It didn't work....it was a mess...and a complete waste of money as I never even got ONE good use out of it! And just for good measure: something that most people would find wasteful but I refuse to give up: Eggland's Best Eggs! Totally worth it! I just can't eat the "store" eggs anymore!

Most valuable purchase:
Several baby items come to mind. One is the breast pump we bought when I went to work full-time after Noah was born. That thing MORE than paid for itself!
A small overlooked value: individual umbrellas for the kids. What a great thing! Have you ever tried to walk in sync with two kids ages 4 and 6 who are obviously different heights and shorter than you, while keeping them dry and out of the run off from the edge of an umbrella, WHILE holding bags from an outing to the grocery store?! Well....individual umbrellas and *having them with you* is a lifesaver!

Also, I have greatly enjoyed the purchase of reusable grocery bags... Great idea and a great value at $1/each.

Thanks for the fun question!

Tomorrow I will answer Bethany's question: Besides the obvious, (God's word) what is your favorite book?


Anonymous said...

You've come a long way baby! I remember when you would not even think about using a coupon and especially for eating out. These were pre-mom days though haha.

Jon Smith said...

Our breast pump is saving our lives right now in the money and sanity departments... Elliot is starting to eat almost a full bottle every 2 hours! Ahhh. But my wife pumps, so we're always a few steps ahead of her if it's the middle of the night and the baby doesn't want to get it from the source.

Carrie said...

I admire anyone who breastfeeds...that is so awesome for her and I know it helped during that time before Elliot was home.. being able to contribute to feeding her even when you weren't with her. awesome!

Emily Green said...

Oh, that is SO funny! As you were mentioning umbrellas, I wondered how on earth that was a good purchase. I have one in the car, but never take it in the store. What do we do? Get wet. And I don't care. We certainly have way more play clothes than "good clothes" and almost all of those have mud stains in them. It's just the few outfits we have for venturing out into public that I attempt to keep stain free. Jessica loves finding and handling worms, pill bugs, ladybugs and crickets, and has been know to dissect more than a few. I guess it just goes to show how different kids are even at that young age!

Karen said...

Now I know why the kids always ask to go dig in the backyard when they come over here...

I have many regrets for wasteful purchases, but we all know who is the master of that...

I am learning so much about you! This was a neat idea....

Anonymous said...

Yes, that GA clay is horrible! :)