Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Countdown: Day Twenty-three

Chris asked: "How/Where did Corey propose?"

Wow! You're not going to want to miss this great story! ha ha!!!!
I saved this one for today, because we got engaged on Easter Sunday, 2000. Easter fell on April 23rd that year, which also happens to be today's date! So, happy engagement anniversary, Corey! (We have never celebrated that before actually, I had to look it up! ha!)

We bought a ring in February right after we started dating in December, 1999. We had that ring hidden many places, including a safe deposit box and his truck glove box! ha! Every time I would go over to his house he would get it out (the times it was there) and ask "Do you want to?" I would always immediately reply, "No, not yet!"

Well, on Easter 2000, he got that ring out again, for about the millionth time since he bought it, and this time when he asked, "Do you want to?" I replied....."Okay." He was surprised and said, "Are you sure?!" And I said, "Yeah, why not?!"

So there you go. What a great romantic story, huh? We went out to greet his mom and grandmother, and I think Matt was there too. His grandmother took a picture of us (it was Easter, of course everyone had the camera ready!). Here we are....mere moments after the "big" event. :)

I think Corey looks a little unsure....

Here we are on the big day. It was July 7, 2001. One year and a few months later. We rearranged the plants at the front of the church nicely wouldn't you agree?

Here is one more photo I had to scan while I was at it. Andy and Bethany helping decorate our car at the reception (held at Provino's in Rome). Look at you guys! Look at us! Gracious! Did you ever think that day would be what it is to us now?!?! Crazy!
God is so good like that!!!!!

Aren't they cute?!

Thanks for the question, Chris!
It was neat that it worked out that I could post it on the "anniversary."
Tomorrow I will start answering some of the questions Corey FINALLY contributed!

Corey asked: "What is more important in a sandwich, the meat or the bread?"

AND...coming up next Tuesday...the WINNER in my birthday countdown prize drawing!!!!


Anonymous said...

To Funny ;) Steve and I have a very close story to this one. Thanks for sharing! Jill

Andy's Bethy said...

Oh, good memories...
I miss that crazy "Amish" beard some days.

What a mess we were, all of us, back then. We thought we knew so much, and we knew so little. We still have so much to learn, even now! At least we have each other.

heathcliff said...

It was a mistake to decorate the car with silly string and not wash if off immediately. Residue still remains.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what memories!

Karen said...

I agree with your mom...great memories! The day I finally got to look forward to having a daughter...