Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Un-Birthday To Two of YOU!

Happy Birthday to me, and Happy Un-birthday to everyone else, especially two very lucky people who are winners today in my birthday countdown contest!
I turn 28 years old today on the 28th, which is supposed to be something special I think....

The official contest "name drawers."

Today ends the birthday countdown,
and as a birthday gift to myself I am making today an easy one.
So today's question is:
"Who did you pick as the winners of your birthday drawings?"
I am SO GLAD you asked!!!!
Faithful readers, I am pleased to announce the winner of
my two birthday drawings. The first drawing was from those who submitted questions on the first post request for questions for the next 28 days. I had 20 different people submit questions! I had my very reliable and impartial official pull a name and....

Jessica D. is the big winner! Jessica wins a $10 Target gift card!

Happy Un-Birthday Jessica!!!!!

update: I was trying to be fun and different by sending a different type of giftcertificate,
but giftcertificates.com charges a $3.45 fee for ONLINE delivery!
Totally ridiculous, you are getting a Target one instead! ha ha! Didn't think either of you would mind the change!

My next drawing was added after a few days of answering questions. I decided I would reward those who were faithfully commenting on the other days' questions. So, this drawing included an entry for each time someone commented on the birthday countdown posts. If you commented 5 times, then your name was in 5 times!
My other reliable and impartial official drew a name for this one and....

Bethany is the other winner! Bethany you win a $5 Target gift card!

These may not be super big prizes, but hey, it is a very modestly circulated blog and look at it this way.... it's more than you had before! Happy Tuesday, April 28th!

Also, Anniversary Greetings are due! Today marks my parents' 30th wedding anniversary! I was born on their 2nd annive
Happy 30th Anniversary Mama and Daddy!

Congratulations to both of the big winners, and thanks to everyone for reading all these 28 days worth of questions and answers! I am looking forward to a fun day today and am happy to spread the birthday joy to you guys on your un-birthdays! Jessica please post the best email address for sending your certificate via the web!

Tune in tomorrow for NOTHING! I am taking a BREAK! ha ha!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Jill

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Carrie,
Happy Birthday to you!

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday to you Carrie!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Carrie.......
Happy Birthday to you.
and many many more....

Thank you for the Anniversary wish.

we love you,
Mama and Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw that you even found a picture of your favorite cake(red velvet) as a birthday cake. ;-)

Carrie said...

Actually, it is a strawberry cake which is what I wanted today but I don't know if I could stand it after eating a piece of that cookie cake every day for the past 5 days! I do love a good red velvet though.

Jessica said...


Andy's Bethy said...

I finally got home and found time to log onto the computer! Happy Birthday!!!
Have your kids "made" your cake yet? I am totally willing to come over and help eat it (haha!) Seriously, call me later... I might crash your "party".
Love the music. You are so very adorable!